Tuesday, November 13

Lost & Found

We all at times, daydream about finding a wallet on the street with a wad of cash and no identification in it, to let us know who it belongs too. Well at least that's what I daydream about. So, last night when walking up my front stoop my heart skipped a beat as I looked down and saw a wallet laying there. I quickly picked it up and looked inside. I immediately saw a drivers license and the address on it was actually just down the street from me. So, on the walk there, curiosity getting the better of me I looked thru the rest of the wallet. I found the usual stuff business cards, club membership cards and a wallet photo of his kid. There were two items though that did stick out. The first being the box cutter that was in the wallet and the second being a business card of a parole officer. Great, just watch the guy try to mug me as I try to return the wallet to him.

So I get to the apartment building and look at all the buzzers. I see the apt number that was listed on his license but the names don't match up. I buzz it anyway, no answer I buzz it again, still no answer. So what am I going to do with this guy's wallet. I just can't throw it away. I come up with the idea of dropping it off at the police station that's on my way to the subway station.

So I leave my apt a bit earlier then usual this morning since I have to stop in at the police station. I go up to the front desk and tell a cop that I have this wallet I found. So, of course I can't just drop the wallet off he has to fill out a report. He gets my name, address, where I found the wallet, what time it was when I found it and he than asks me for my phone number. This is where I experience a brain freeze and have to think for a second. I than rattle what I think is my phone number and that's that. As, I'm walking out of the police station I suddenly realize I had in reality given the cop a combination of my home and cell phone numbers. I know it's early in the morning and I hadn't had my second cup of coffee yet but hell your home phone number is something every kid should have memorized by the time he's 6-7 years old. Maybe, I'm getting early onset alzheimers?

Well in any event I guess I've added some check marks to my karmic value, which is always a good thing.

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Craig said...

You are an honest man!

Meany said...

So what happened to the serial killer whose wallet you found? did he come up on americas most wanted list? how many people did he kill? did he kill them with the box cutter?

msquared said...

Craig - not sure if your being sarcastic or not. I will say that I'm a fairly honest person.

Meany - Oh meany what would this blog do with out you.

Also to set the record straight, there was no money in the wallet I found and even if there was I still would of returned it with all the money inside it.

Rule said...