Friday, June 30

A parody called Banana Fingers

So a few blogs back I told you about this surreal cartoon series I found on the web called Salad Fingers episode 1. If you haven't seen or heard of Salad Fingers, please check it out.

Well, I was just recently told of a spoof of Salad Fingers called Banana Fingers. It's not weird or surreal as Salad Fingers nor is it nearly as good. In fact it was a little annoying, but hey I can't like them all. So why don't you check out Banana Fingers and come up with your own opinion on it. Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't but you won't know until you try it.

Wednesday, June 28

See it now

Just a quick notice to let you know that there is a new
Ordinary Advertures of Tomas out. Go see it now!

Tuesday, June 27

Would you like plan A or B with your internet service?

So the telecom/cable industries are trying to push through legislation in order for them to create a tiered paying system for internet services, much like how cable is. So you would have package deals for your internet service. You'd pay this much and be able to access so and so sites, or pay this much in order to access so and so sites or pay this much to access... well you get my point.

This legislation would also allow the telecom/cable industries to charge content providers for different levels of service. So for example a website that has alot of money to spend, but has an inferior product compared to a website that doesn't have alot of money but a much better product would get preferential treatment from the telecom/cable companies.

You know I don't think I'm explaining this all to well, Rocketboom did an episode dealing with net neutrality last week why don't you check that out and these other links dealing with net neutrality.

Rocketboom: net neutrality
Wikipedia: net neutrality
Save the internet
It's our internet
Net Neutrality

Act now and help keep the net free and neutral!

Friday, June 23

Fun with Google

So I was just recently told of this, it might be old news but I found it funny.

Go to Google's website and type in the word asshole and instead of hitting the Google search button, instead hit the I'm feeling lucky button.

Another word that you can do this with is the word failure. So go type in the word failure and instead of hitting the Google search button, instead hit the I'm feeling lucky button.

The results are quite funny, well funny to me that is. I'm sure they're not funny to others.

If your lazy or don't have that much time to waste here are the 2 sites that the search brings you too, but you should try it for yourself because I hardly beleived it until I did it.

asshole(make sure you have your volume turned on for this one)
failure(no sound needed just a 4th grade reading level)

Thursday, June 22

Salad Fingers?

So I yesterday I posted a link to the crazy cartoon squirrel known as Foamy. Well today I have something a whole lot stranger and weirder for you and its name is Salad Fingers episode 7.

Salad Fingers is the creation of artist David Firth. I can't even attempt to explain the weird, funny, dark and surreal world of Salad Fingers so you'll just have to go and experience it yourself. When your done viewing Salad Fingers go check out David's other just as weird and darkly funny cartoon creations such as a B&W cartoon about roof tiling and his Valentine's Day cartoon.

Also check out a new episode of The Ordinary Adventures of Tomas the imaginary friend!

Wednesday, June 21

Foamy the Squirrel

So someone told me about this site and that I should check it out. It features a ranting crazy cartoon squirrel and his scantily clad woman sidekick, Germaine. It's hilarious, you won't be disappointed and if you are feel free to tell the artist.

So waste a few minutes or an hour and check out the antics of Foamy the Squirrel and Germaine now!

Also a new ordinary adventure of Tomas has been posted!

Tuesday, June 20

A game waster

Here's a great game you can play on the web to waste some time between arriving at work and leaving work. It took me a few times to get the hang of it, but was it fun.


Monday, June 19

Remix Peaches

If your a fan of the queen of electroclash sexed up punk, more commonly known as Peaches than you will love this website.
Remix Peaches

It supplies you with 4 basic Peaches soundtracks and than you can add in your own embellishments simply using your keyboard/mouse. You got to try it!

Oh if your reading this and don't know who Peaches is than go check out her website.
Peaches Rocks

You can sample some of her music at:
Peaches music

She's also currently touring with Eagles of Death Metal so look for dates near your!

Saturday, June 17

Resistance is futile

Here's a quick little time waster. Don't' press the red button. See if you can resist the urge to press the red button.

Also if you haven't already discovered The Ordinary Adventures of Tomas there is a new adventure.

Hey what are you still doing here I said there is a new Ordinary Adventure of Tomas!

Friday, June 16

Breaking up is hard to do.

So the other day I went to go see The Break Up starring Vince Vaughn & Jennifer Aniston and no my GF didn't make me go see it. I'm a fan of Vaughn and his hyper I'm a guy comic talk. Well my expectations for the movie where being realized during the first half of the movie as I found myself laughing to a bunch of scenes. The funniest scene in the movie had to be the dinner scene where both sides of the family finally meet and a sing along ensues. One of the other highlights of the movie is Justin Long who you may remember as Warren Cheswick on the now cancelled TV show, ED and more recently on the new Macintosh commercials. He plays an art gallery assistant in the movie. Unfortunately, Justin Long and the hilarious dinner scene just can't make up for the second half of the movie where the laughter just seems to go away and romance drivel takes the upper hand? Where did the laughter go who's to say? I do know this, that you might want to save The Break Up for a Friday night movie rental instead of a Saturday night movie date, but that's just my opinion.

Friday, June 9

See This Movie

So I just watched See This Movie last night and I have to tell you, you must really See This Movie. You might be asking what's the name of this movie I must see and I'll tell you See This Movie. See This Movie stars Seth Meyers(SNL) & John Cho(from Harold and Kumar). Seth Meyers plays Jake Barrymore, a talentless film director and John Cho plays Larry Finkelstein, his side kick film producer.

The basic concept of the story is that Jake and Larry manage to get their movie(which they haven't even made yet) into a film festival. Hilarity ensues as the make a mad dash to try to finish their film in time for their premier all the while fooling everybody that they already have the film done. The film that they end up making is drockumentary about Jake making a film about him making a film. Yes confusing no. If your a film lover, or work in the film or photography industry you'll love all the little inside jokes and the basic making fun of the Hollywood industry. Two of the best and funniest scenes in the movie are when Jake manages to get Wim Wenders to film a scene with him in his movie and when Jake & Larry are on a film discussion panel.

Well enough of me talking just go See this Movie now!

You can find out more about See This Movie here: See This Movie

You can also watch more clips on iFilm

Thursday, June 8

There's a Peeping Tom in all of us.

You may remember Mike Patton as the singer of Faith No More or maybe Mr. Bungle. If you've been wondering where he's been, well he's never left. He's been putting out some of the best music around since he's left Faith No More. He's no one band man or a one man band for that matter. He's been the voice of Fantomas, Tomahawk and numerous other side projects. He's collaborated with the likes of Bjork, John Zorn and Sepultura.

One of my favorite side projects of his was the 2001 album Lovage which featured Dan the Automater and Jennifer Charles. Well I think that just might be surplanted as my favorite Mike Patton side project(lets hope this is just more than a side project though). Mike Pattons new album is called Peeping Tom, which I believe is his take on the 1960 film of the same name. I've never seen the film so I have nothing to say about it. I have heard the album though and it is as in Mike Patton's words what radio should sound like. The album features song collaborations between such artists as Bebel Gilberto, Kool Keith, Massive Attack, Norah Jones and of course Pattons long time collaborator Dan The Automator.

Some of the stand out songs on the album are Mojo (Featuring Rahzel and Dan The Automator), Celebrity Death Match (Featuring Kid Koala) and Kill The DJ (Featuring Massive Attack). My favorite song on the album has to be Sucker (Featuring Norah Jones). On the song you hear a side of Norah Jones you'd never expect when she sexily sings the words "What do you think your my only lover, Motherfvcker". That song alone is worth getting the whole album.

So if your looking for some new music to listen to this summer, give Peeping Tom a listen, it just might satisfy the voyeur in you.

Tuesday, June 6

More Ordinary Adventures of Tomas

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So that was another one of Tomas's Ordinary Adventures. I hope you liked it.

Sunday, June 4

Turn you loose change into music

Are you ever at a lost for what to do with that pocket full of loose change in your pocket? Do you have a jar of change sitting on top of your dresser drawer just collecting dust? Well, I just found out that you can turn that loose change into credit at iTunes music store and at other locations such as Starbucks or You may be scratching your head saying to
yourself where can I do this? Well at Coinstar machines of course. You know those rectangular green machines that you often find in grocery stores. All you do is drop in your pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters into the machine and you receive full credit for your change onto a gift card of your choice.

There is no service fee for doing this! Let me repeat that. There is no service fee for doing this!

So what are you waiting for gather up your loose change and run to your nearest Coinstar machine* and drop it in!

To find out more about Coinstar and the other gift cards it offers please click here

*Not all Coinstar machines offer this deal, so be sure to use the advance machine locator to find a Coinstar machine that offers this option.

Also play the Coinstar game for a chance to win $50,000!