Tuesday, June 27

Would you like plan A or B with your internet service?

So the telecom/cable industries are trying to push through legislation in order for them to create a tiered paying system for internet services, much like how cable is. So you would have package deals for your internet service. You'd pay this much and be able to access so and so sites, or pay this much in order to access so and so sites or pay this much to access... well you get my point.

This legislation would also allow the telecom/cable industries to charge content providers for different levels of service. So for example a website that has alot of money to spend, but has an inferior product compared to a website that doesn't have alot of money but a much better product would get preferential treatment from the telecom/cable companies.

You know I don't think I'm explaining this all to well, Rocketboom did an episode dealing with net neutrality last week why don't you check that out and these other links dealing with net neutrality.

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Act now and help keep the net free and neutral!

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