Thursday, November 30

Vector Park

So Johnny Strike over at Seen Any Good Films Lately sent me this link which he thought would be a good time waster. Well let me tell you I don't think he could of sent me a better time waster than Vector Park. I can't really describe what Vector Park is and do it any justice, except that its an interactive flash website that I found a tad creepy at times but is wonderfully surreal. I guarantee that you will have some fun wasting your time there.

If you have time wasting tips that you think my readers would enjoy feel free to either leave a comment here or contact me directly. Time Wasters don't necessarily need to be websites found on the internet(although I've found the internet to be my biggest time waster). Time Wasters can also be books, movies or any other activity that you feel wastes time.

This blog doesn't offer any wasted time back guarantee's

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Monday, November 27

Don't Waste Your Time

Usually, with this blog I like to give my readers ways that they can waste their time with. Well today I'm actually gonna save you from wasting your time. What ever you do don't ever buy, borrow or rent a KIA RIA(rhymes with diarrhea) This crappy Korean car is just horrible. You see I actually don't own a car. Yes I can hear the gasps now. You see I live in one of those urban metropolises where I can easily get around via my feet, subway, taxi or bus. This past week however I had to do some traveling for the holiday's, so I needed to rent a car. The lovely rental place which will remain nameless stuck me with a KIA RIA. This car was a nightmare to drive, in fact at one point I had a truck driver laughing at me as I humbly tried to pass him. The car just didn't have enough pick up and I just had to give up. So with that said I beg, no I implore you not to waste your time with the KIA RIA.

This public service announcement was brought to you from me

Wednesday, November 22

Follow the White Rabbit

I found this website the other day and it's good for a minute or two for wasting some time. This site is an animated and interactive version of Alice's adventures in Wonderland. The website is a promotion for a new Alice in Wonderland children's book. Even though it is a promotion site and in the end they would like you to buy the book, it's still such a weird and trippy site. So, with that said why don't you Follow the White Rabbit down the hole

Tuesday, November 21

Link Exchange/Promote My Blog

So I'm looking for some good blogs to exchange links with. I want to get my blog out in front of as many people as possible. With that said just leave a comment if you like my blog and want to exchange links with me. Than I'll check out your blog and if I see my link on your blog and I like your blog, I'll than put your link on my blog(fair enough?). Also I would love to hear other peoples opinions on how to promote your blog and get it out in front of as many people as possible.

Monday, November 20

Digging Your Way to China

So as a little kid did you ever sit out in your backyard and try to dig you way to China? Would you even end up in China if you did successfully did all the way through to the other side of the Earth. Well if your curious to find out what would happen if you were to dig a very very deep hole and wher eyou would end up, than I have the site for you. Just click on where you are and hit Dig Here and than it will tell you where you would end up on the opposite side of the globe.

Digging your way to China

Saturday, November 18

Mein Cat

Ok this website certainly put a smile on my face but also left me shaking my head at the same time at what I was seeing. If you don't know about this site yet, you have got to check it out. Basically it features a bunch of photos of cats that resemble Hitler in some form or another, yes you read that right, it's not a typo. This site is dedicated to cats that look like Hitler, you really have to see it to believe it.
Cats that look like Hitler

Tuesday, November 14

Cassette Generator

Hopefully some of you will still remember the lowly cassette tape, you know that antiquated device that once held music on it, that has gone the same route as the 8-track. Well if you've ever dreamed about having your name on a cassette tape and realizing your aging rock star dreams then this site is for you: Cassette generator. Just make up a band name and album name and viola it puts it on a cassette tape for you which you can download so you can impress all your friends.

For you even older folks there is a vinyl record generator too, so check it out. If your scratching your head wondering what a vinyl record is, well here's your answer.

If you had a band what would you call it?

Monday, November 13

Jackson Pollock

Have you ever wanted to try to paint like Jackson Pollock, but were to afraid to get all messy with and have to clean up all the paint splatters and drips. Well than this website is for you check it out. It lets you paint just like Jackson Pollock with out the tortured artists soul.

Friday, November 10

Saint Ralph
( 2004, Michael McGowan)

Sometimes I wonder why some movies are hits and others just never make it onto the radar. After I saw Saint Ralph I scratched my head wondering why this movie hadn't at least become a sleeper hit or why I hadn't heard of it before now. Saint Ralph is the heartwarming and funny story of fourteen year old Ralph, played by Adam Butcher. Ralph is fatherless and his mother is seriously ill in the hospital. He attends a strict catholic school and is considered a bit of a misfit by his classmates. Ralph like all boys that age is just trying to find himself, he knows he's destined for something great but he just doesn't know what that is until his mother falls into a coma.

With his mother in a coma, his house under foreclosure and also the chance of being found out that he's been living on his own and not with his grandparents like he's told everyone Ralph soon comes to the conclusion that only a miracle can make everything right. That miracle being, him winning the 1954 Boston Marathon. At the end of the movie you'll find your self routing Ralph on his way, but does he win the Boston Marathon? Well you''ll have to watch the movie to find out.

Other cast members include:
Campbell Scott who plays a father at Ralph's catholic school and becomes Ralph's running coach.
Jennifer Tilly who plays a nurse who is caring for Ralph's sick mother.
Saint Ralph trailer

Thursday, November 9

Line Rider

Ok have I got a time wasting game for you, well it's not actually a game in the sense that you win a prize or accumulate points, but it's still a game. It's called Line Rider and it's fast becoming an internet phenomenon. Basically you have a blank field where you draw a line and when your done drawing your line you hit the play button. When you hit the play button is when the fun begins, a bob sledder appears and follows your line until it ends or until he crashes. I really can't explain how fun and a bit sadist this is watching your little bob sledder sped down the slopes, with his red & white scarf.. You can draw a line and make jumps that your bob sledder will never make and watch him crash to his doom or you can build a complicated line and watch with satisfaction as your sledder completes your course.

Also check out these Line Rider videos on YouTube you'll be amazed at how complicated some of this stuff is.

So check out Line Rider and see what kind of course your can make your Line Rider conquer!

Tuesday, November 7

Flow: dive, eat & evolve

I found this great dreamy FREE online game the other day called Flow, where guide your "creature" through the depths where it eats and evolves. I really really wish I didn't find this addictive game. In only a day I've become addicted to it. It's mesmerizing and has a Zen like quality to it, where it just makes the minutes melt away, which is great if your trying to waste time. So I dare you to play Flow and try to see if you can stop.