Thursday, August 31

Reality Heaven

So last night I was in reality tv heaven. I had episodes of Rockstar: Supernova to watch and also Project Runway to watch. PArrrty Time. Just so you now that was a sarcastic Parrrrttyy Time. Anyway. I couldn't believe it when Ryan Star was kicked off of Rockstar last night, he was actually my frontrunner to win. Could it be Dilana that will win now, or maybe Toby or Magni, I just don't know anymore, it's anyone's game. I know for sure that Storm Large won't win, I'm surprised she's still even on the show, but she will always have a career in modeling to fall back on. Also watch Ryan Star's bitter goodbye to Supernova

Well it was no surprise that last night on Project Runway that Angela was booted. Although I don't think Kayne really belongs anyway. Even though Jeffrey has been acting like an @ss on the show towards Angela I did find it funny when he said she's more of an arts-n-craft gluing macaroni type of designer. I predict either Jeffrey or Michael will win this season, what do you think?

Check out a really cool blog about Project Runway called Blogging Project Runway.

If you have any more time to waste check this site out, called This site does everything and nothing at the same time.

Wednesday, August 30

My day of procrastination

You know I'm always posting suggestions for you to waste your time with, number one being reading this blog of mine. So today I will clue you in to how I have wasted my day today. You see I'm suppose to be painting the bathroom but the ultimate procrastinator that I am I have found ways to put it off. I haven't totally put it off, I have moved everything out of the bathroom that can be moved, taken everything off the walls and spackled, but that's as far as I've gotten. You see there are just way too many distractions abound. Like the full pot of coffee that needed to be drank. So I sat down with my cup of coffee and flipped through my GF's copy of Jane Magazine in which I found an interesting website called thepornspot. Now please don't think ill of me for checking out this website, but you really should see it, it's filled with strippers and porn stars who resemble real life celebrities, so go check it out and see for your self, if that porn star really resembles Anne Hathaway or if that stripper really looks like Naomi Watts.

I also spent some time catching up on recent episodes of Rocketboom2.0, there I saw some funny stuff on this group called Improv Everywhere, so I had to then go check out their website. I then went to go check out Amanda Congdon's blog called amandaunboomed and somehow somewhere I ended up linking to some articles about this YouTube star called Emmalina who has since stopped posting video because someone had hacked into her computer and stolen alot of personal videos, pictures and personal information. You can check out Emmalina's wikpedia article here. On the subject of Emmalina you should check out this video on YouTube, which is like some sort of homage to her.

Hmm how else have I wasted time procrastinating today, well I've also have been brain storming ideas for my The Ordinary Adventures of Tomas blog because ever since I've been voted bestest blog of the day I feel all sorts of pressure to keep up the good work.

Well so far that's how I've been procrastinating and wasting some time but I think I better go start doing some actual painting and get the bathroom done before my GF comes home!

Monday, August 28

Patience is a virtue

Yes I have to say that the old saying of patience is a virtue is quite true, but I have one thing more that should be added to the end of that saying and it goes like this. Patience is a virtue and it may just get you free stuff.

To prove this let me tell you a quick story of something that happened to me last week. One day last week, I stopped into a local fast food Mexican place(not Taco Bell) and stepped up to place my order. It seems that the manager was training a new person, so my food ordering and preparation took twice as long as usual. I could of showed my frustration and impatience but I guess I just went with the flow and patiently stood in line. We've all been there on a new job being trained with impatient customers on the other side of the counter and it's no fun so why make an already nervous person even more nervous by not being patient. So I guess I come to the moral of the story, as I'm about to be rung out, the manager says since you were so patient have a free soda on me, and I thankfully accepted it. This isn't the first time that something like this has happened to me. I've gotten free coffee's and slices of pizza for waiting so patiently.

So the next time your in line and it's taking a bit longer than you like just remember that Patience is a virtue and it may just get you free stuff

Wednesday, August 23

Rockstar or Magician?

So last night, I was watching one of my guilty pleasures, Rockstar: Supernova on CBS. When I realized that one of the would be rockers, Ryan Star, looks incredibly like the magician David Blaine. Is David Blaine moonlighting as a would be rockerstar? Or are these in fact 2 separate people who just happen to look eerily similar. Can you tell from the pictures which one is the Rockstar and which one is the Magician?

On a side note, I think Ryan Star and also Dilana are the 2 stand out stars of the show. It is in my opinion going to be one of them that ends up fronting the new band Supernova. Who do you think will be the winner? If at this point you have no idea what I'm talking about than you must go check out Rockstar: Supernova in which Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted and Gilby Clarke are looking for a singer to front their rock band: Supernova.

Tuesday, August 22

Stalking as art?

So I came upon this strange, creepy but yet utterly fascinating website called rikitigkille.

"Riktig Kille"” is Swedish and in a rough translation it means "Real Guy"”. The creator of this website(Henry) choose to follow or some may say stalk this stranger/real guy for 100 days and documented it in the above website with paparazzi pictures and text. I'm not sure if this Henry is for real and he really stalked this "Riktig Kille"” or if this is just some crazy art project. Why don't you go check it out and decide for yourself if this is just some harmless hoax or did this person really stalk the "Riktig Kille"” with out his knowing it.

Monday, August 21

Little Miss sunshine
( 2006, Dayton/Faris)

If your feeling down and need a good laugh or if you just want to go see a really really I mean really funny movie then you must immediately go see Little Miss Sunshine. This movie directed by Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris, is a road trip movie about a dysfunctionally fractured family trying to get their little girl Olive, played beautifully by Abigail Breslin, to the Little Miss Sunshine pageant in California. The movie has a perfect cast starring Greg Kinnear, Steve Carell, Toni Collette, Alan Arkin and Paul Dano. This had to be the funniest movie I've seen in a long long time, by the time I left the movie my face was in a permanent grin from laughing so much. This movie is filled with heart, laughs, great characters, beautifully written dialogue and the best dance sequence ever. Not since Napoleon Dynamite has there been a funnier dance sequence, in fact, this blows Napoleon Dynamite's dance sequence out of the water. I can't recommend this movie enough, you must really go see it and when you done watching the movie you will never be able to listen to Rick Jame's Super Freak the same way again.

Check out the movie trailer.

When your done with that check out the official Little Miss Sunshine website.

Friday, August 18

Heard on the Street

Well since a lot of other blogs have these heard on the street segments, I thought it might be a good idea to include one on mine. There's no harm in following the masses every once in awhile, right?

So I was walking down a main street in my city and I walk past these two guys. One is holding up a shirt that says I only came here for the Budlight. The other guys says to the guy holding the shirt up. "Yeah I wore mine to Bon Jovi"

Riveting stuff isn't it?

If you have any Heard on the Street material and think I might like to hear it, drop me a comment and I'll post it here.

Wednesday, August 16


So here's a little something for you girls to waste some time with. It's Jane Magazine's JaneTV. Go check it out now.

Guys don't feel left out you too can go watch JaneTV. You can check out behind the scenes of Heidi Klum's naked photo shoot or see Anne Hathaway's photo shoot or maybe you'd like to see a beach bikini photo shoot.

Friday, August 11

A few things...

So I've been away for awhile(not sure if anyone noticed) so since I am back only briefly I decided to give you a few links you can waste your time with.

Joan as Policewoman: Discover a great musical talent
Foot fetish anyone?: Hey whatever floats your boat.

Now the Joan as Policewoman site as been tested and approved by me. On the other hand, I can't vouch for the Foot Fetish site, although I can assure you that there is no nudity on it(some of you will be disappointed by that) just tons of women's feet for your viewing pleasure. Hey like I said before whatever floats your boat.

Friday, August 4

Something fun and something serious

So I've found my guilty pleasure for the summer and it's Sci Fi's reality show, Who Wants To Be A Superhero?. C'mon we've all fantasized about having super powers and being a super hero like Spiderman, Captain America and Wonder Woman. Well this lucky group of would be superheros has that chance. Well obviously they won't be acquiring real super powers but the winner will have their super hero selves immortalized in a comic book by Stan Lee himself and will also be featured in a Sci Fi channel original movie. You really must watch this show it's campy, funny and entertaining. Check out more info about it and also watch past episodes and audition tapes all on the Sci Fi site.

Who Wants To Be A Superhero?

Also on a more serious note I just want to once again bring everyones attention to the issue of Net Neutrality.
Below you will find some sites where you can learn more about what is going on, how you can voice your concern and opinion and watch some really great home video on the topic.

Where you can jion the fight and make your voice heard: Save the internet
Funny PSAs videos by Internet freedom activists, bloggers, podcasters and ninjas in the fight for Net Neutrality: videos
An unbiased explanation about net neutrality: Net Neutrality

Thursday, August 3

This blog might not be for you

So today I will be doing a not all inclusive blog(um does that make any sense?) What I mean by that, is today's blog is really just for people who use a Mac and more specifically people who are running Mac OS X 10.4 or more commonly known as Tiger. If your one of those people you know all about those great little Dashboard Widgets that you can get. You know what I'm talking about those tiny little applications that are so useful and timewasting. I recently downloaded a new one the other day called DeathWatch. This great little widget tells you the date you are going to die and has a count down clock(seconds and all) of how much time you have left. According to my DeathWatch I will be dyeing on June 14th 2052 and I currently have(for you people who don't want to do the math) 16605 days 15 hours 55 minutes and 17 seconds no make that 16 no 15 well you get it. This is a morbidly fun sobering little widget. It makes you stop and think geez I better get started on that project, spend more time with the kids/wife or better start planning for my retirement.

To get the DeathWatch Widget just click here

Wednesday, August 2

Nothing here to see

There will be no new blog entry for today's blog due to the excessive heat, please call again.

Tuesday, August 1

What a Poopy Head

So, I never intended for this blog to turn into a strictly a movie review blog but that seems to be what's happening. Well I do watch a lot of movies. So today I will refrain from reviewing a movie although I did see a good movie the other night, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang a 2005 movie, directed by Shane Black and starring Robert Downey Jr. as a two bit thief and Val Kilmer as a gay private eye. The movie is a funny murder mystery that takes place in Hollywood....See there I go again reviewing a movie and saying I would refrain from doing so, well I just have to say rent Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, its one of those smart, witty and funny movies that just aren't made too often nowadays.

so what shall I talk about than if not a movie review, hmmm lets see how about art. What is art, can it only be a beautiful picture or can it be a piece of crap? To me the purpose of art is to provoke some kind of reaction or feeling from the viewer whether it be happiness or disgust. It can allow the viewer a brief brake from the harsh realities of life or force you to think about the same harsh realities of the world. Well, where am I going with this you may be wondering, I was trying to create some kind of segue into providing you a link to this funny website that I stumbled across. Well some of you may think it's funny and some of you may not. I'm not sure if most Republicans will find the humor in it or maybe they will. So with out further ado here is the website:

(The website isn't obvious as to where you should click to see the photos so here's a hint just click the madeyouthink logo in the upper left corner)

Some people may think its a piece of crap others may think its art. It's up to you to decide, either way I would love to hear your opinions.