Tuesday, May 30

The Japanese Invasion

We're always looking for that next great rock band that will supposedly save rock n roll well if the Japanese band named BORIS is any inclination of what Japan has to offer, than the next great rock bands of the future just might be coming from Japan.

I discovered(well in the sense of how Columbus discovered America) BORIS, over the weekend. They are a Japanese experimental noise metal stoner punk band with influences of Motorhead, Melvins, Black Sabbath and a bit of John Cage thrown in for good measure. You should really check them out. Their first US release called BORIS:PINK hit US record stores in March anything they've recorded before that will be a bit hard to find in the US.

BORIS will be playing a show at NYC's Avalon tonight, Tues, May 30th. So if your in NYC tonight and have nothing to do or would like something better to do go check them out! Unfortunately I can't make it to see them so if you do go check them out please feel free to rub it in my nose and let me know how the show was.

Here's their website:BORIS and here's their record label's website Southern Lord Records

Something to whet your appetite: Korosu.mp3

Sunday, May 28

The Squid & The Whale

Yes its that time again for a movie review from yours truly. Well the other night my GF and I sat down to watch The Squid and The Whale by Noah Baumbach. A movie based on true childhood experiences of Noah Baumbach and his brother. The movie takes place in NYC and is about the story of two brothers and how the divorce of their parents affects them. I found this movie saddenly(did I just make this word up?) funny. Its interesting to see how the 2 brothers cope(often in bizarre ways) with the divorce of their parents. I might as well stop here because I can't really offer any more insight on the movie since I'm not a product of divorced parents. Here's the official site for the movie, which is pretty cool you should really check it out.

Oh also one more thing about the movie, its only 88min long or short however you view it( I guess that depends if your a glass is half empty or half full person). I love movies that are are 90min or shorter, that way you don't have to devout to much of your time to it, in case the movie sucks. Why can't they make more quality movies that are 90min or below? I'm so tired of these 2plus bloated hour movies, in this day and age I just don't have that much time to devout to movie watching.

Ok that last sentence might not be true but I still prefer a nice short and compact good movie over a overblown half hour too long movie.

Friday, May 26

The ordinary adventures of Tomas

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Just a little something I did today. Tomas is an imaginary friend who doesn't have any friends and this is just one of his many ordinary adventures.

Tuesday, May 23

Rocket Boom Boom

So I just recently discovered Rocketboom, in the sense of how Columbus discovered America. If you have yet to discover Rocketboom, you must do so now! Rocketboom is a daily 3 minute newscast video blog featuring Amanda Congdon. It's a cross between The Daily Show, SNL news skits and CNN. It's funny and informative and if you don't really care for the broadcasts itself, you can always admire the beautiful wit of Amanda Congdon and her array of famously tight t-shirts.(Amanda,, if by some small slim chance you read this I'm sorry but it had to be mentioned)

Anyway, watching Rocketboom has inspired me to produce my own video newscast. I'm still working out some bugs in the production but here's my first broadcast. Tell me what you think*.

If the video doesn't show up you can just click on the link below.

No News Nightly

Monday, May 22

2 reviews for the price of 1

So for the first review up we have Shopgirl starring Steve Martin, Claire Danes and Jason Schwartzman. Let me just first say that I frankly didn't see what Claire Danes' character(Mirabelle Buttersfield ) found attractive about Steve Martin's character(Ray Porter). In fact I thought Ray came across slightly creepy especially when they first meet in the movie. Jason Schwartzman(Jeremy) plays Mirabelle's other, I guess you would call love interest. I wished they had put Jason Schwartzman in more scenes in the movie. He is the one highlight in the whole movie. Whatever scene he's in, he completely steals it. I loved the part where he pretends to have an electronic car beep as he locks the door. Its very subtle, and you might miss it, but after he did it, I just looked at my girlfriend and said did he just do a pretend car locking beep sound.

So in short, if you plan on renting this movie my recommendation would to be to just fast forward thru all the scenes that don't have Jason Schwartzman in it, or have Claire Danes butt in it either.

My next review is of the Chinese language film 2046, by Hong Kong-based filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai. Now don't let the fact that you don't speak Chinese keep you from seeing this movie. The movie follows a struggling writer, in the late 60's through life as he experiences the acts of finding, losing and enjoying love. I'm really not going to go any further in trying to explain this film, I would only confuse you and me, since I'm easily confused. The movie, kind of starts to seep into you and gets your mind rolling. Let me just say this, this is one of those films that you will end up thinking about days after you watch it.
So go get your reading glasses and watch 2046

....and remember I write the reviews so you don't have too.

Thursday, May 18

Driving lessons

So since I live in large metropolitan area(that didn't mean to sound as pretentious as it does). I own no car and basically get around using public transportation. So the times I do drive a car are few and far between. Yes driving a car is much like riding a bike, you kind of never forget how to do it. With that said, I still feel like I need to brush up on my driving skills from time to time so, I found this great simple little game that will keep my driving abilities in check.

Oh and did I mention its a great little time waster too!

If you want to bookmark this great micro time waster here's the link:
Driving game

Sunday, May 14

Silent Dud

Today was a first for me, believe it or not I walked out on a movie. I've never done that before and I've sat through some horrible movies.

What movie did I walk out on you ask. Well it was the Horror film Silent Hill that was adapted from the video game of the same name. I'm not even going to go thru the plot summary or the acting it doesn't even deserve that. The whole time I was sitting in the darkened theatre I was thinking to myself I have better things to do with my time than sit through this. So I got up and left.

Now I'm not telling you to not go see this film, I'm just warning you that it might be a waste of your money. If you really want to see this film wait till it comes out on video and save your selves a few bucks. I have a feeling you won't have to wait that long. The one redeeming factor of the movie is that Radha Mitchell is nice to look at(yes I'm a typical man).

Just so you know I didn't pay to go see this film. I used my free movie ticket that I won from Blingo! If you haven't heard about Blingo yet, I'll give you a quick run down. Its a search site that uses Google search results. You do your searching like normal but in the process you can win things. You should try it out.


Friday, May 12

A Hostage's Plea

*DISCLAIMER*The makers of this video(i.e. the kidnappers) apologize for the poor quality of this hostage plea video. We are currently working on a shoestring budget and with unskilled hostages. Hopefully with the influx of finances we will be able to make better hostage videos.

In order for you to provide the ransom we have partnered with Paypal.*

*DISCLAIMER*Paypal in no way supports or endorses the methods of The People's Opposition Organization nor do they believe kidnapping to be a viable means to support oneself.

Tuesday, May 9

A blogger kidnapped!

*DISCLAIMER*The makers of this video(i.e. the kidnappers) apologize for the poor quality of this ransom video. We are currently working on a shoestring budget. Hopefully with the influx of finances we will be able to make better ransom videos.

In order for you to provide the ransom we have partnered with Paypal.*

*DISCLAIMER*Paypal in no way supports or endorses the methods of The People's Opposition Organization.

Monday, May 8

A suggestion.

Look both ways when crossing a one-way street.

Sunday, May 7

What are you doing?

Hey you, yeah you I don't see anyone else starring at the computer screen.
What are you doing inside on such a wonderful day?
Stop wasting you time here and go outside.
Get some fresh air and warm yourself in the sunshine.*
Go run around the block.
Walk barefoot through the grass.
Climb a tree.
What ever you do just step away from the computer and go outside!

What did you say, its raining out? Oh ok than feel free to waste your time here.

*Make sure you put on your sunscreen!

Saturday, May 6

One thing leads to another

One never know were you'll end up will surfing the web(do people still say surfing the web?)

I clicked on one of the newest additions of the blogs of note, more specifically Pouring Down. This was such a great discovery. The video blogs contained on this site are simply and beautifully amazing, this vlogger is a real artist. If you have not yet checked out this blog I urge you, no I implore you to check it out. The videos are so creative and inspiring, theres no tellling what effect they'll have on you.

This leads me to my title, One thing leads to another. While checking out one of the videos on the site, I noticed that there was a credit for one of the musicians music the vlogger had used. On a side note the vlogger generally made and supplied his own music to accompany his videos. Back to the musicians link. So, since I really liked the music in the video I clicked on the link, as most people I would hope would do. Well that link brought me to The Kane Brothers and their heavy, fuzzed out, hipster indie kung-fu music. Jackpot! Paydirt! Gold!

So if you haven't heard of these artists yet , go now and check them out!

You heard me I said go now!

Friday, May 5

Dave Navarro

So while wasting away some time on the internet yesterday I came across Dave Navarro's website/blog. If you don't know who Dave Navarro is he was the guitarist for Jane's Addiction and did a stint for The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. He is also in a new band with Jane's Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins, called The Panic Channel.

I downloaded a few songs by The Panic Channel and I'm listening to them right now. I'm a bit undecided on whether I like them or not. If anyone else has any opinions about them feel free to comment. They're also playing a show in NYC at Avalon on Thursday May 25. I guess what it really comes down to, is that I still yearn for the Jane's Addiction of my youth, circa Nothing Shocking.

Anyway I'm getting off topic here, back to Dave's website which is www.6767.com. Does anyone know why its 6767 or what it means? Regardless of what the 6767 stands for, you should definitely check out his site. He also has an internet radio show called Spread Radio, which is very good, I added it to my iTunes. He plays a great mixture of music and live interviews, on the show.

Also another site to check out in regards to Dave Navarro is Dave Navarro is god or just DNIG for short. Is it me or should that guy get a life. Not Dave but the guy who made the DNIG website? I guess maybe I shouldn't talk.

Well I gotta go and do more important stuff like see a man about a horse.

Until next time and remember your not really wasting time until you've read my blog!

Wednesday, May 3

The last in the trilogy of free MP3's

Ok so this is the last of my hints at where and how to get some free downloadable MP3's. This last place is called eMusic(you can see their little ad in my side bar.) This place for MP3 entices you to join them by giving you 50 free MP3's. I just recently used them to get Dangerdoom, Ladytron and Mike Doughty.

So give eMusic a quick try and get 50 free MP3s!

*DISCLAIMER* as with anything make sure to read the fine print

Tuesday, May 2

Another great MP3 site

So I told you all about that great little Dashboard Widget, MP3 Search in yesterdays blog. Well I have another great MP3 looker upper for you. Is looker upper even a word? Anyway back to the main subject, The Dashboard Widget obviously only works for Macs so while using that Widget I found this site(good on both Macs & PCs) that has a whole slew MP3's that you can download. (I just used the word slew in a sentence, my English teacher would be proud)

What is the sites address you ask!

Well here it is: It is Music

Monday, May 1

MP3 search widget.

So this is really only relevant to people who are rocking OS X 10.4 Tiger on Mac. Sorry to all you others and I'm especially sorry to all you PC Window users well I'm sorry that you have such a lame OS. Ok I'm diverging a bit let me get back on track.

Well all you Tiger users know about the Dashboard and all those little yet useful
apps more commonly called Widgets which can be found on the
Apple Dashboard Widget page.

Well I've come across a great widget called MP3 search. What this widget does is, as the name implies, searches out MP3's that you can legally download for free! (I think the reason that most of them are free is because they are hosted on foreign sites so as to circumvent US copyright laws, but don't quote me on that). Just put in the artist name and hit enter and up comes a google page with a bunch of links to MP3s, its easy as that!

Now if your like me, who already has a large music collection you will already have most of the stuff you find. The one good thing for this is if your interested in a new artist or an established artist who has a new album(yes I still call them albums) out you can download a song or two, to see if you like it before you purchase it and waste your money on a crap album.

My one criticism of this widget is that the majority of the links that it gives you through its search don't work! But if you have some time to waste this is one widget that is worth checking out.

*DISCLAIMER* I in no way condone illegal file sharing.

Support the arts and the artist who make it!