Tuesday, May 23

Rocket Boom Boom

So I just recently discovered Rocketboom, in the sense of how Columbus discovered America. If you have yet to discover Rocketboom, you must do so now! Rocketboom is a daily 3 minute newscast video blog featuring Amanda Congdon. It's a cross between The Daily Show, SNL news skits and CNN. It's funny and informative and if you don't really care for the broadcasts itself, you can always admire the beautiful wit of Amanda Congdon and her array of famously tight t-shirts.(Amanda,, if by some small slim chance you read this I'm sorry but it had to be mentioned)

Anyway, watching Rocketboom has inspired me to produce my own video newscast. I'm still working out some bugs in the production but here's my first broadcast. Tell me what you think*.

If the video doesn't show up you can just click on the link below.

No News Nightly

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Johnny Strike said...

Thanks for the comment on my shiny brand new, albeit slightly inept, blog.

What's likely to be the next film you'll review here?