Monday, May 22

2 reviews for the price of 1

So for the first review up we have Shopgirl starring Steve Martin, Claire Danes and Jason Schwartzman. Let me just first say that I frankly didn't see what Claire Danes' character(Mirabelle Buttersfield ) found attractive about Steve Martin's character(Ray Porter). In fact I thought Ray came across slightly creepy especially when they first meet in the movie. Jason Schwartzman(Jeremy) plays Mirabelle's other, I guess you would call love interest. I wished they had put Jason Schwartzman in more scenes in the movie. He is the one highlight in the whole movie. Whatever scene he's in, he completely steals it. I loved the part where he pretends to have an electronic car beep as he locks the door. Its very subtle, and you might miss it, but after he did it, I just looked at my girlfriend and said did he just do a pretend car locking beep sound.

So in short, if you plan on renting this movie my recommendation would to be to just fast forward thru all the scenes that don't have Jason Schwartzman in it, or have Claire Danes butt in it either.

My next review is of the Chinese language film 2046, by Hong Kong-based filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai. Now don't let the fact that you don't speak Chinese keep you from seeing this movie. The movie follows a struggling writer, in the late 60's through life as he experiences the acts of finding, losing and enjoying love. I'm really not going to go any further in trying to explain this film, I would only confuse you and me, since I'm easily confused. The movie, kind of starts to seep into you and gets your mind rolling. Let me just say this, this is one of those films that you will end up thinking about days after you watch it.
So go get your reading glasses and watch 2046

....and remember I write the reviews so you don't have too.

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