Sunday, May 28

The Squid & The Whale

Yes its that time again for a movie review from yours truly. Well the other night my GF and I sat down to watch The Squid and The Whale by Noah Baumbach. A movie based on true childhood experiences of Noah Baumbach and his brother. The movie takes place in NYC and is about the story of two brothers and how the divorce of their parents affects them. I found this movie saddenly(did I just make this word up?) funny. Its interesting to see how the 2 brothers cope(often in bizarre ways) with the divorce of their parents. I might as well stop here because I can't really offer any more insight on the movie since I'm not a product of divorced parents. Here's the official site for the movie, which is pretty cool you should really check it out.

Oh also one more thing about the movie, its only 88min long or short however you view it( I guess that depends if your a glass is half empty or half full person). I love movies that are are 90min or shorter, that way you don't have to devout to much of your time to it, in case the movie sucks. Why can't they make more quality movies that are 90min or below? I'm so tired of these 2plus bloated hour movies, in this day and age I just don't have that much time to devout to movie watching.

Ok that last sentence might not be true but I still prefer a nice short and compact good movie over a overblown half hour too long movie.

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Anonymous said...

the word you are looking for is "saddeningly."

(you "know" me from benrik. you posted a link to tomas, whom i have fallen in love with (the humor is really similar to some other webcomics i read), and i got to your blog from there. not creepy at all!)

so? is the mother a whore or no?