Monday, May 1

MP3 search widget.

So this is really only relevant to people who are rocking OS X 10.4 Tiger on Mac. Sorry to all you others and I'm especially sorry to all you PC Window users well I'm sorry that you have such a lame OS. Ok I'm diverging a bit let me get back on track.

Well all you Tiger users know about the Dashboard and all those little yet useful
apps more commonly called Widgets which can be found on the
Apple Dashboard Widget page.

Well I've come across a great widget called MP3 search. What this widget does is, as the name implies, searches out MP3's that you can legally download for free! (I think the reason that most of them are free is because they are hosted on foreign sites so as to circumvent US copyright laws, but don't quote me on that). Just put in the artist name and hit enter and up comes a google page with a bunch of links to MP3s, its easy as that!

Now if your like me, who already has a large music collection you will already have most of the stuff you find. The one good thing for this is if your interested in a new artist or an established artist who has a new album(yes I still call them albums) out you can download a song or two, to see if you like it before you purchase it and waste your money on a crap album.

My one criticism of this widget is that the majority of the links that it gives you through its search don't work! But if you have some time to waste this is one widget that is worth checking out.

*DISCLAIMER* I in no way condone illegal file sharing.

Support the arts and the artist who make it!

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