Thursday, May 18

Driving lessons

So since I live in large metropolitan area(that didn't mean to sound as pretentious as it does). I own no car and basically get around using public transportation. So the times I do drive a car are few and far between. Yes driving a car is much like riding a bike, you kind of never forget how to do it. With that said, I still feel like I need to brush up on my driving skills from time to time so, I found this great simple little game that will keep my driving abilities in check.

Oh and did I mention its a great little time waster too!

If you want to bookmark this great micro time waster here's the link:
Driving game


Squirt said...

So you did... ;) That game was truly a timewaster... Now I have yet anpther reason not to do college work! Damn!

Carmichael said...

wow, mike, i love that game....too much fun! thanks!