Saturday, May 6

One thing leads to another

One never know were you'll end up will surfing the web(do people still say surfing the web?)

I clicked on one of the newest additions of the blogs of note, more specifically Pouring Down. This was such a great discovery. The video blogs contained on this site are simply and beautifully amazing, this vlogger is a real artist. If you have not yet checked out this blog I urge you, no I implore you to check it out. The videos are so creative and inspiring, theres no tellling what effect they'll have on you.

This leads me to my title, One thing leads to another. While checking out one of the videos on the site, I noticed that there was a credit for one of the musicians music the vlogger had used. On a side note the vlogger generally made and supplied his own music to accompany his videos. Back to the musicians link. So, since I really liked the music in the video I clicked on the link, as most people I would hope would do. Well that link brought me to The Kane Brothers and their heavy, fuzzed out, hipster indie kung-fu music. Jackpot! Paydirt! Gold!

So if you haven't heard of these artists yet , go now and check them out!

You heard me I said go now!


Carmichael said...

hi mike...
jodi from benrik - check out MY other blog:!
great post, by the way.

Daniel said...

hey, thanks a lot for the link.

and the kane bros thank you too.