Sunday, May 7

What are you doing?

Hey you, yeah you I don't see anyone else starring at the computer screen.
What are you doing inside on such a wonderful day?
Stop wasting you time here and go outside.
Get some fresh air and warm yourself in the sunshine.*
Go run around the block.
Walk barefoot through the grass.
Climb a tree.
What ever you do just step away from the computer and go outside!

What did you say, its raining out? Oh ok than feel free to waste your time here.

*Make sure you put on your sunscreen!


Carmichael said...

very funny!
it's not raining, and i HAVE been outside today, but i am sitting down for some self-indulging time.

Hugh said...

And ironically, in the hottest week of the year so far in the UK, this was the one day that it did pour with rain.