Friday, May 5

Dave Navarro

So while wasting away some time on the internet yesterday I came across Dave Navarro's website/blog. If you don't know who Dave Navarro is he was the guitarist for Jane's Addiction and did a stint for The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. He is also in a new band with Jane's Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins, called The Panic Channel.

I downloaded a few songs by The Panic Channel and I'm listening to them right now. I'm a bit undecided on whether I like them or not. If anyone else has any opinions about them feel free to comment. They're also playing a show in NYC at Avalon on Thursday May 25. I guess what it really comes down to, is that I still yearn for the Jane's Addiction of my youth, circa Nothing Shocking.

Anyway I'm getting off topic here, back to Dave's website which is Does anyone know why its 6767 or what it means? Regardless of what the 6767 stands for, you should definitely check out his site. He also has an internet radio show called Spread Radio, which is very good, I added it to my iTunes. He plays a great mixture of music and live interviews, on the show.

Also another site to check out in regards to Dave Navarro is Dave Navarro is god or just DNIG for short. Is it me or should that guy get a life. Not Dave but the guy who made the DNIG website? I guess maybe I shouldn't talk.

Well I gotta go and do more important stuff like see a man about a horse.

Until next time and remember your not really wasting time until you've read my blog!


Hugh said...

I fucking love Dave Navarro. I saw him play with JA when they reformed a few years ago at Reading Festival. It was pouring down with rain, and he was standing there in white leather trousers (or "pants" as you'd say) and a white leather waistcoat, smoking a fag (or "cigarette") without touching it with his hands the whole time.

He even had a roadie to come change his fag on demand. That's ROCK'N'ROLL

msquared said...

Hugh Thanks once again for being my one and only commenter. Yeah I had the pleasure of seeing them the first time around and then I also saw them when they reformed. It just might be me but they just weren't they same as they were, it seems they've might of lost something. Like I said in the blog I yearn for the days of Nothing Shocking.

But don't get me wrong I still enjoyed them!