Friday, March 30

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints
(2006, Dito Montiel)

Generally if a movie doesn't make a certain amount of money in it's opening weekend, it's quickly pushed aside and forgotten about, that is until it comes out on video/dvd, where people will hopefully discover it. That's what happened with this fantastic coming of age movie A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. I had heard of this movie when it was briefly in the theaters, but I never got a chance to go see it. So since it has just recently been released on DVD, I got my chance to watch this heartwarmingly unforgettable film.

This film was directed & written by Dito Montiel, and it's an autobiographical coming of age story of his hard scrabble life growing up in Astoria, Queens, NYC during the 1980's. Dito believes that the only way he can escape his fate of either ending up dead, on drugs or in jail as all his friends eventually experience is by escaping to California, where eventually becomes a successful writer. So after having left 15 years ago with out a word, Dito is finally called home again to deal with his ailing father(played by an always great Chazz Palminteri) and all his memories of his youth come flooding back to him. Young Dito is played by the great young actor Shia LaBeouf, while the older Dito is played by a restrained Robert Downey Jr.

The movie doesn't focus too heavily on the present day Dito, but more on his youth and his friends that he grew up with, while on the tough streets of Queens. The cast of young actors in this film are great and in my opinion make the film what it is. It was them that were able to portray the raw emotion and energy that is Dito Montiels script and movie.

This film also stars Rosario Dawson, Channing Tatum and Dianne Wiest

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints @ imdb
A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints trailer
A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints official site

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Thursday, March 22

Time Wasting Video of the Week!

So it is with great pleasure that I present to you this weeks Time Wasting Video, although it might end getting me on a CIA watch list. Whether your a Democrat, Republican, Communist or an Al-Qaeda member, you will get a laugh out of this music video. If anyone has Jenna and Barbara Bush's email, feel free to let them know about the video. I think even they might enjoy it.

If for some reason it doesn't load you can also view it here

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Wednesday, March 21


Ok everyone here's a version of that ever popular classic arcade game Space Invaders. Use your arrow keys to move your ship and press the space bar to shoot. Don't let the nasty aliens land or you'll be toast. Have fun and be sure to waste alot of time playing this game.

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Saturday, March 17

Duck Hunt

If you happened to grow up in the 80's and either you or a friend had a Nintendo Entertainment System than you will remember this classic game, Duck Hunt. Don't fret though if you didn't grow up in the 80's and never had a chance to play Duck Hunt. Here's a website that lets you relive the joy of shooting down ducks. It takes a bit of getting used to using your mouse to do the shooting but you'll quickly get the hang of it. The only downside of it, is that after awhile you get a little bored, not exactly the hours of entertainment that it used to provide when I was younger, but it's still good for a little time wasting and who doesn't need some time wasting in their lives.

Play Duck Hunt and enjoy.

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Wednesday, March 14

Matt Weddle covers Outkast's Hey Ya

You really need to check this video out. This guy named Matt Weddle does a hippiefied cover version of Outkast's hit Hey Ya. If I didn't hear it myself I would of laugh at the notion of doing an acoustic version of this song. Somehow he manages to not only pull it off but to even, dare I say do a better rendition of the song than Outkast themselves. Well watch the video and you decide for yourself.

If you like it you can download the song here

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Monday, March 12

Time Wasting Video of the Week: Dogs Day Out

Ok, I know it's a little early in the week for a Time Wasting Video, but I just couldn't wait to post this strangely surreal video. This video features two dogs just hanging out in a park, doing what dogs do, frolicking, sliding down slides and engaging in some heavy petting.

You can also watch it here and see more of these Dogs gone wild. I think the best one is where they try to go into the Tate Modern dressed as dogs.

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Friday, March 9

Hot Robot Sex

We all like some hot sex every once in a while, but what's better than hot sex. Think about it for a bit. Ok give? I'll tell you, Hot Robot Sex. Yep the following link will take you to some of the hottest robotsex you've ever seen. Before you click on the link make sure any small children and animals are out of the room.

Hot Robot Sex

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Thursday, March 8

Man of the Year
(2006, Barry Levinson)

Man of the Year starring Robin Williams, Christopher Walken and Laura LInney is a comedy/drama/romance/thriller about a comic who runs for the presidency. Yeah thats alot of genres to have in a movie and although some movies can pull it off by being all of them this one sure as hell didn't. It's like this movie had a split personality, Am I a comedy or am I a thriller. It just couldn't make up its mind.

The performances in this movie weren't necessarily bad but I've seen impersonators do a better job. It just seemed to me that Christopher Walken was doing a bad impression of Chrisopher Walken. The same can be said for Robin Williams. I wonder if the director just said to Robin don't worry about acting just be yourself, but Robin Williams being himself just comes across as him doing an impersonation of Robin Williams. The only person that did any acting in the movie was Laura Linney.

Although this movie is called Man of the Year, no one in their right mind will mistake it for Movie of the Year. You know my mom said if you don't have anything good to say don't say anything at all, well I'm sure she would think differently if she saw this movie.

Man of the Year @ imdb
Man of the Year trailer

Saturday, March 3

How to Give a Man to Man Hug.

IF your like me, I've never really felt comfortable about giving man to man hugs and no it doesn't have to do with me being insecure with my sexuality. I guess I just never knew the proper way to give a man to man hug and the etiquette that revolves around it. So if your like me and feel a bit uneasy when a guy friend of yours comes in to give you a hug or maybe your a bit unsure of the proper etiquette of the man to man hug. I urge you to watch this funny yet extremely informative instructional video on the proper way to give a man to man hug.

How to give a man to man hug

Friday, March 2

Time Wasting Video of the Week

So once again it's that time of the week for a Time Wasting Video. This video is a stop motion video of a human skateboarder. Check it out! I wonder if they played rock, paper, scissors to determine who was going to be the skateboard or not.

Can also be viewed here

Thursday, March 1

Neon Sign

So I'm pressed for time and don't have anytime to waste on creating a stellar time wasting post today. So the below photo that I took will just have to do for you. Feel free to stare at it for hours on end in order to waste time. OR maybe this photo will remind you to take that article of clothing to the dry cleaners.

neon sign