Thursday, March 8

Man of the Year
(2006, Barry Levinson)

Man of the Year starring Robin Williams, Christopher Walken and Laura LInney is a comedy/drama/romance/thriller about a comic who runs for the presidency. Yeah thats alot of genres to have in a movie and although some movies can pull it off by being all of them this one sure as hell didn't. It's like this movie had a split personality, Am I a comedy or am I a thriller. It just couldn't make up its mind.

The performances in this movie weren't necessarily bad but I've seen impersonators do a better job. It just seemed to me that Christopher Walken was doing a bad impression of Chrisopher Walken. The same can be said for Robin Williams. I wonder if the director just said to Robin don't worry about acting just be yourself, but Robin Williams being himself just comes across as him doing an impersonation of Robin Williams. The only person that did any acting in the movie was Laura Linney.

Although this movie is called Man of the Year, no one in their right mind will mistake it for Movie of the Year. You know my mom said if you don't have anything good to say don't say anything at all, well I'm sure she would think differently if she saw this movie.

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Reel Fanatic said...

I'm sure glad I stayed away from this one .. looking at the dreck he usually puts nowadays, it's often easy to forget that Barry Levinson actually made the simply fantastic Diner