Sunday, December 31

The results of climate change?

So earlier in the week I did a movie review on The Inconvenient Truth which deals with the subject of climate change in the form of global warming. Well if you live in the Northeastern section of the US you will have undoubtedly noticed that it really hasn't been that cold out, or at least as cold as it should be for this time of year. It is the end of December and I have yet needed to break out some gloves or a scarf.

The other day I went out into my tiny back garden where for the most part everything is dead or should be dead this time of the year. I have a bunch of flower bulbs that have sprung up and have begun to flower because it's been so warm out.
This shouldn't be happening. These flowers should be coming up in spring time not at the end of December! I also have some Pansy's in a flower box that(yes real men grow Pansy's) that are still flowering and show no signs of letting up. These flowers should have died off sometime in October!

So are these just freak accidents of nature or the results of global warming? I'll let you decided.

Write About US

We all want to get as much traffic as we can to our sites. One of the way to get traffic is to include your site in free directory or homepage directory. Well one place to do that is Write About Us. There you can place bids according to wher eyou would like your link place. Bids start out as little as $1. They also have a place for free links too! So try it out it won't hurt and it is always worthwhile to get extra exposure, attention, and traffic.

Saturday, December 30

Time Wasting Video of the Week!

So I figured since I did a movie review earlier this week of the movie Domino, that I should carry over the theme to my Time Wasting Video of the Week. So for your viewing pleasure and time wasting pleasure as well I present to you the Time Wasting Video of the Week. Enjoy!

If for some reason the video doesn't load feel free to go straigh to the source.

Friday, December 29


I think I might of found the best time waster on the internet, well besides this blog that is. It is called StumbleUpon. It's an add on for the FireFox browser. The concept behind it is similar to the next blog button Blogger has yet when you hit the StumbleUpon's button it brings up a random webpage. It let's you channel surf the whole wide web.

Ok maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. First StumbleUpon only works with Mozilla's FireFox Browser. So first if you don't already have FireFox you than need to download Firefox, then you download StumbleUpon and create a user account. You than define your preferences as to what types of stuff your interested in and what type of web pages you would like to see. Once your account is set up you can start stumbling around the internet. If you find a site that you like you can than hit the thumbs up icon and give it a review. If you don't like a site you can than give it a thumbs down. The more you rate the web pages you StumbleUpon they better StumbleUpon will get at delivering stuff that you enjoy.

This is a great way to find web pages that you find interesting but yet wouldn't think of searching for. I warn you once you start you won't be able to stop. You'll keep hitting that StumbelUpon button because you'll constantly want to see what is next. It is highly addicting and highly time wasting, but that's why I'm recommending it.

So what are you waiting for start Stumbling now!

Thursday, December 28

(2005, Tony Scott)

Domino an action sometime comedy film, is based on the real life(sort of) of Domino Harvey, a young female bounty hunter. The lead character is played by Keira Knightly. Mickey Rourke and Edgar Ramirez play her fellow bounty hunters. In the movie Ian Ziering and Brian Austin Green of Beverly Hills 90210fame play themselves, as hosts of a reality show. Christopher Walken, Lucy Lui, Mena Suvari, Delroy Lindo and Dabney Coleman also round out the cast.

I think if this movie was 30-minutes shorter and the action was tightened up a bit it would of been a better film, but director Tony Scott(Ridley's less talented brother) just didn't pull through on this one. I didn't really like this movie nor did I hate this movie, all in all it just didn't do anything for me.

The one saving grace of this movie was Keira Knightly, who at various points during the movie, gives a gang banger a lap dance in her bra and panties, goes swimming in a skimpy bikini and the crowning achievement of the film, does a topless mescalin fueled sex scene in the middle of the desert. Now that last one I mentioned, the topless sex scene. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining that that was put in the movie but I have no idea why that was put in the movie, it did nothing to further the plot. Oh wait, now that I think of it I know why that was put in the movie, to give people a reason to sit through it(well that is until the sex scene is over). I'm not sure why Keira agreed to do that scene but for what ever reasons I really hope they paid Keira a lot of money to do it, but between you and me I'm glad she did.

Domino official site
Domino @imdb
Domino trailer
The real Domino Harvey wikipedia entry

Breaking News! Breaking News! Breaking News!

John Edwards announces his intentions to run for president last night on of all places, YouTube!

Also be sure to check out the John Edwards interview on Rocketboom with Joanne Colan.

By announcing his intentions on YouTube and granting what it seems to be one of his very first interviews after announcing his intentions to a daily internet news podcast, what does that mean? Who is he trying to reach? Is it just a political ploy to appeal to young voters? What are the implications of this for standard tv news repporters and broadcasts?

Wednesday, December 27

Smarter, Faster, Better

So today I wasted some time trying to figure out my brain power/brain age. I accomplished that feat at this website: MyBrainTrainer. I'm a bit embarrassed at how I did, but I will have you know that after a couple cups of coffee and some practice I did a lot better, but I still think my brain needs a lot more exercise.

PayPerPost Carnival

If you use PayPerPost than this blog is for you. If you don't know what PayPerPost is or you do know what it is then sign up now, because it rules! Just click on the PayPerPost icon in my sidebar and sign up for PayPerPost you won't be disappointed.

Ok now for the heart of this blog. Jessie from Hunna's Happenings & Who Are We is hosting a PayPerPost blog carnival. The due date for it is today (Dec. 27th) by 11:59 pm. So if you use PayPerPost, then check out here site and follow the directions to submit one of your favorite posts for entry into the carnival and like I said if you don't use PayPerPost yet then hurry up and click on the PayPerPost icon in my sidebar and sign up at PayPerPost. What do you have to lose it's free and they don't ask for any CC#'s

Tuesday, December 26

An Inconvenient Truth
(2006, Davis Guggenheim)

Some may say Oh that's that Al Gore movie isn't it. What is he trying to do get elected for president. Well however you may feel about Al Gore, whether you like him or don't, you must see this movie. I implore you to see this movie. Every American should see this movie. Schools should be showing this movie in science class.

An Inconvenient Truth is about the climate crisis in the form of global warming that the Earth is facing. It follows Al Gore's fight of making people realize what is going on and his effort to stop the effects of global warming. This movie focuses on a slide show about the global climate crisis, that Al Gore has been giving for a large majority of his career. The film makes a difficult subject to understand accessible and clears up the misinformation around it. Seeing this movie will make you understand what is at stake and your need as an individual to take action, before it's too late.

Also make sure you check out the An Inconvenient Truth website climate crisis to see what you can do to help fight global warming and to get more information on the subject.

An Inconvenient Truth @ imdb
An Inconvenient Truth trailer

Oh and did I mention that you should see this movie.

Friday, December 22

Time Wasting Video of the Week!

I don't know about you but I think this guy is really wasting his time.

If for some odd reason no video shows up just click on this link to be taken straight to the source.

Thursday, December 21

Brothers of the Head
(2005, Keith Fulton & Louis Pepe)

Brothers of the Head is mockumentary portrait of 2 brothers, Tom and Barry Howe, who are Siamese twins in 1970's England. The twins are bought off of their father by a music promoter with the hopes of producing a musical novelty act. Instead what he gets is an intense outpouring of pure punk rock energy, not exactly what he was looking for. The film is a look into two musical artists trying to find their identity, but what happens if those two musical artists are conjoined Siamese twins. They delve into that notion in one of their songs where the lyrics are "2 to 1 and 1 is 3 are you you or are you me?"

In the film the twins band is called The Bang Bang and the music that they produce is really good. I'm not normally into buying movie soundtracks but I'm highly thinking of getting the soundtrack to the movie. Although I have been trying to find somewhere on the internet to download the songs for free(yup I said free) So if anyone knows of a site that has the songs for download, please let me know!

Now for the mockumentary approach of the film. I think the director handled this particular genre wonderfully. At one point in the film, my girlfriend turns to me and goes, this isn't a true story right? Also be warned, when someone first hears the word mockumentary they think its going to be a comedy or a funny look at something. Well with this film that couldn't be further from the truth. This film is a grim dark portrait of two boys who go on a musical journey, fighting to find their own identities. To make matters even worse and tougher for them they have to do all this while being conjoined Siamese twins. There is no happy ending to this mockumentary, although this film utterly sick and twisted film will leave you thinking about it for days

Brothers of the Head official site
Brothers of the Head @ imdb
Brothers of the Head Trailer

Wednesday, December 13

Time Wasting Video of the Week!

So here at Wasting Time one of the main features of this blog is to find ways for you to waste time. One of the biggest time wasters out there is, of course watching internet videos on one of the numerous video hosting sites. So with that said I've decided to add a new weekly feature(depending on how its received) to this blog. Each week I'm going to go to a video hosting site(of my choice) and do a search for the term "Wasting Time". I will then post the most popular or best time wasting video I find. So with that said here is the first video. Enjoy!

If for some odd reason no video shows up just click on this link to be taken straight to the source.

Tuesday, December 12

Now that's Dedication?

Since the dawn of photography the self-portrait has been one of the main subjects of photographers. But imagine taking a photo of your self for 6 years or even better over the course of 8 years. Well thats what these two individuals have done. The first video is by a guy named Noah and most likely you've seen it before.

If you think thats cool or just plain crazy to take a photo of yourself for 6 years well here's this guy who's been doing it for an amazing 8 years! Go ahead check out his video too.

Taking your picture everyday for that long is just an amazing achievement. I'm not sure I could even take my picture everyday for as long as this persons been doing it over at 365days.

click on the photos to watch the videos

( 2005, David LaChapelle)

So last week I did a review of photographer Larry Clark's film Wassup Rockers. A movie based on real experiences of a group of Latino punk rock skateboarders living in South Central Los Angeles. Well this week I have another film by a photographer focusing on a different group of kids also living in South Central Los Angeles. The photographer this time is acclaimed fashion celebrity photographer/music video director David LaChapelle and the movie is Rize.

Rize is a documentary film about the dancing sub-cultures of Clowning(orginated by Tommy the Clown) and Krumping(which developed out of the Clowning movement), in the gang ridden neighborhoods of South Central, LA. What is a young kid to do to get out his aggression and anger, but yet staying optimistic and positive in a nonviolent way,having grown up in that type of environment. Well thats where Clowning and mostly Krumping come into play. These two dancing sub-cultures are a way for the practitioners to freely express themselves and to get out all of the complex emotions that are within them, while at the same time they having unknowingly created a new art form. It is also an alternative for them to the blinged out lifestyle that is portrayed in mainstream hip-hop. To an outsider this style of dance can seem violent since at times there is physical contact between dancers, but to the participants it is just a way to express themselves in a nonviolent way and they all understand this to be part of the dance and they don't advocate violence at all. It is similar to the old punk rock standard of the mosh pit,it may look violent but everyone is just there to have fun and not hurt anyone and everyone understands that.

It was interesting to see this documentary not to long after I had watched Wassup Rockers. Where the Latino skaters eschew the gangsta rap culture and instead choose to express themselves through punk rock influences and skateboarding. These are just good kids trying the best they can with the hand that have been dealt. The same can be said about the kids that are featured in Rize, these are just good kids trying to express themselves and trying to stay optimistic and positive. As one of the kids said if it wasn't for Clowning, he most likely would of joined a gang.

Well I'm not sure where this review is going except that you don't have to be a Clown, a Krumper or just a middle class white boy who does poorly written movie reviews to appreciate a documentary like, Rize.

Watch the Rize Trailer
Rize imdb page

Monday, December 11

Archie McPhee

If your trying to find a quirky gift then look no further then Archie McPhee where you can find Toys,Gifts & Novelties all made by Magic Pixies.You can get a Jesus Pencil Topper or maybe an anatomical gummy heart for that special someone. My personal favorite is the avenging narwhal play set.

Wednesday, December 6

Wassup Rockers
( 2005, Larry Clark)

Wassup Rockers is Larry Clark's most recent film and is reminiscent of his first film Kids, except there is no rampant drug use in this one. Wassup Rockers is a story about a group of Latino skateboarders who eschew the hip-hop culture of their South Central Los Angeles gang centered neighborhood. They instead listen to punk rock wear tight clothes and ride skateboards. The plot revolves very loosely around the kids going to skate a famous skate spot in Beverly Hills and the assorted cast of characters they come into contact with, and then their subsequent "escape" from Beverly Hills back to their "safe" neighbor hood of South Central. The skateboarders adventures through Beverly Hills and their plight to get back to South Central vaguely reminded me of that cult 70's film "The Warriors". I also must add that the scenarios that the kids find themselves in throughout the movie are all loosely based on actual events that they have encountered in their real lives. Clark at first wanted to make a straight up documentary about them, in fact the movie opens with some documentary footage he shot a year before starting the film, of the lead boy in the film, Jonathan recalling the first time he had sex. Clark however really just wanted to make a real movie based on their lives.

While I enjoyed this film immensely I do have to admit that it has many downfalls. The acting for one isn't very good, most notably because Clark uses all non-actors. He literally found these kids skateboarding one day while he was doing a photo shoot out in LA. The film has its slow spots and in the first part focuses too much on the kids practicing skate tricks. The film does pick up in the second half as this unruly band of skateboards try to make it back to South Central, often resulting in some hilarious encounters and some tragic ones too. Than there is also the odd long time fascination that Clark has with shirtless teenage boys. At one point, as the camera is lingering a bit too long on the shirtless torso of one of the boys, my girlfriend asks is this guy a pervert or something?

With all that aside Wassup Rockers left me with a great feeling at the end of the movie. Maybe it was because of the awesome punk rock soundtrack or because the scenes of the kids skateboarding made me long for my days as a youthful skateboarder, just looking for the next skate spot. Or it could be that Clark just has a way of making us all feel nostalgic for our idealized days as reckless teenagers.

Wassup Rockers imdb page
Wassup Rockers official site Check this site out it has some great stuff on it and more info about the film

Monday, December 4

Goo Goo Da Da (Baby Talk Translator)

Have you ever wondered what that perceivably cute little baby is saying? Or maybe you wanted to try to carry on an intelligent discussion with a baby but just couldn't speak nor understand their language. Well don't fret have I got the website for you. It's the Baby Talk Translator. I found this great little gem of a time waster, this morning. I found this so amusing that I just had to let everyone know about it so why don't you go try it out. If you don't see the word or phrase that you need translated you can email the people at Baby Talk Translator and they will provide you with the translation.

Now out! Baby Talk Translator Mark 2

Friday, December 1

The Da Vinci Code
( 2006, Ron Howard)

I can't recommend this movie enough as the biggest waste of time. What was Ron Howard thinking when he made this movie? The acting and dialog were horrendous in this movie. Tom Hanks was the worst I've ever seen him and he's been pretty bad before(ever see Turner & Hooch?) Actually now that I think of it Tom and the dog from Turner & Hooch had better chemistry than Mr. Hanks and Audrey Tautou. He was the wrong choice to play the lead part of Dr. Robert Langdon. On a whole the casting of this movie was just all wrong from Audrey Tautou as Agent Sophie Neveu to Paul Bettany as the albino Silas. A heads up to all you girls and gay men, you do get to see Paul Bettany's naked butt in the movie and it's pretty early on so you don't have to sit through too much of the movie to get to it. With that said, I can go on and on about how this movie sucked. It was just so boring. It's like here's a clue lets solve it, oh no here's another clue lets solve it, oh wait what's this another clue and on and on and on. I do have to say that the latter part of the movie did pick up a bit but it was too late to save this poor adaptation of the hit book. My recommendation is to just read the book and skip the movie.

The Da Vinci Code

What's your Page Rank?

Well I had thought that I would have sometime to do some movie reviews today but sadly I have no time to waste time due to work obligations. Just don't you hate the fact that work gets in the way of so many things. Maybe later on I will have some time to do a movie review post. So for now, I will just leave you with this little, little time waster. Go check your page rank at C'mon you know your curious about what your page rank is. My page rank is currently only 2/10. How can I get my rank up higher?

Thursday, November 30

Vector Park

So Johnny Strike over at Seen Any Good Films Lately sent me this link which he thought would be a good time waster. Well let me tell you I don't think he could of sent me a better time waster than Vector Park. I can't really describe what Vector Park is and do it any justice, except that its an interactive flash website that I found a tad creepy at times but is wonderfully surreal. I guarantee that you will have some fun wasting your time there.

If you have time wasting tips that you think my readers would enjoy feel free to either leave a comment here or contact me directly. Time Wasters don't necessarily need to be websites found on the internet(although I've found the internet to be my biggest time waster). Time Wasters can also be books, movies or any other activity that you feel wastes time.

This blog doesn't offer any wasted time back guarantee's

Disclosure Policy

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With the advent of paid advertising posts on blogs some people feel that there needs to be a disclosure policy on the persons blog. The purpose of the disclosure policy is to let the readers know more about the information they'll be reviewing and where you, the blogger stands in regards to paid advertising on their blogs. So with that said here is my disclosure policy.

This policy is valid from 22 November 2006. This blog is a personal blog written and edited solely by me. For questions about this blog, please feel free to contact me via email. This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. The compensation received will never influence the content, topics, posts or my opinions made in this blog. Any written post advertisements will be identified as a paid advertisement.
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Monday, November 27

Don't Waste Your Time

Usually, with this blog I like to give my readers ways that they can waste their time with. Well today I'm actually gonna save you from wasting your time. What ever you do don't ever buy, borrow or rent a KIA RIA(rhymes with diarrhea) This crappy Korean car is just horrible. You see I actually don't own a car. Yes I can hear the gasps now. You see I live in one of those urban metropolises where I can easily get around via my feet, subway, taxi or bus. This past week however I had to do some traveling for the holiday's, so I needed to rent a car. The lovely rental place which will remain nameless stuck me with a KIA RIA. This car was a nightmare to drive, in fact at one point I had a truck driver laughing at me as I humbly tried to pass him. The car just didn't have enough pick up and I just had to give up. So with that said I beg, no I implore you not to waste your time with the KIA RIA.

This public service announcement was brought to you from me

Wednesday, November 22

Follow the White Rabbit

I found this website the other day and it's good for a minute or two for wasting some time. This site is an animated and interactive version of Alice's adventures in Wonderland. The website is a promotion for a new Alice in Wonderland children's book. Even though it is a promotion site and in the end they would like you to buy the book, it's still such a weird and trippy site. So, with that said why don't you Follow the White Rabbit down the hole

Tuesday, November 21

Link Exchange/Promote My Blog

So I'm looking for some good blogs to exchange links with. I want to get my blog out in front of as many people as possible. With that said just leave a comment if you like my blog and want to exchange links with me. Than I'll check out your blog and if I see my link on your blog and I like your blog, I'll than put your link on my blog(fair enough?). Also I would love to hear other peoples opinions on how to promote your blog and get it out in front of as many people as possible.

Monday, November 20

Digging Your Way to China

So as a little kid did you ever sit out in your backyard and try to dig you way to China? Would you even end up in China if you did successfully did all the way through to the other side of the Earth. Well if your curious to find out what would happen if you were to dig a very very deep hole and wher eyou would end up, than I have the site for you. Just click on where you are and hit Dig Here and than it will tell you where you would end up on the opposite side of the globe.

Digging your way to China

Saturday, November 18

Mein Cat

Ok this website certainly put a smile on my face but also left me shaking my head at the same time at what I was seeing. If you don't know about this site yet, you have got to check it out. Basically it features a bunch of photos of cats that resemble Hitler in some form or another, yes you read that right, it's not a typo. This site is dedicated to cats that look like Hitler, you really have to see it to believe it.
Cats that look like Hitler

Tuesday, November 14

Cassette Generator

Hopefully some of you will still remember the lowly cassette tape, you know that antiquated device that once held music on it, that has gone the same route as the 8-track. Well if you've ever dreamed about having your name on a cassette tape and realizing your aging rock star dreams then this site is for you: Cassette generator. Just make up a band name and album name and viola it puts it on a cassette tape for you which you can download so you can impress all your friends.

For you even older folks there is a vinyl record generator too, so check it out. If your scratching your head wondering what a vinyl record is, well here's your answer.

If you had a band what would you call it?

Monday, November 13

Jackson Pollock

Have you ever wanted to try to paint like Jackson Pollock, but were to afraid to get all messy with and have to clean up all the paint splatters and drips. Well than this website is for you check it out. It lets you paint just like Jackson Pollock with out the tortured artists soul.

Friday, November 10

Saint Ralph
( 2004, Michael McGowan)

Sometimes I wonder why some movies are hits and others just never make it onto the radar. After I saw Saint Ralph I scratched my head wondering why this movie hadn't at least become a sleeper hit or why I hadn't heard of it before now. Saint Ralph is the heartwarming and funny story of fourteen year old Ralph, played by Adam Butcher. Ralph is fatherless and his mother is seriously ill in the hospital. He attends a strict catholic school and is considered a bit of a misfit by his classmates. Ralph like all boys that age is just trying to find himself, he knows he's destined for something great but he just doesn't know what that is until his mother falls into a coma.

With his mother in a coma, his house under foreclosure and also the chance of being found out that he's been living on his own and not with his grandparents like he's told everyone Ralph soon comes to the conclusion that only a miracle can make everything right. That miracle being, him winning the 1954 Boston Marathon. At the end of the movie you'll find your self routing Ralph on his way, but does he win the Boston Marathon? Well you''ll have to watch the movie to find out.

Other cast members include:
Campbell Scott who plays a father at Ralph's catholic school and becomes Ralph's running coach.
Jennifer Tilly who plays a nurse who is caring for Ralph's sick mother.
Saint Ralph trailer

Thursday, November 9

Line Rider

Ok have I got a time wasting game for you, well it's not actually a game in the sense that you win a prize or accumulate points, but it's still a game. It's called Line Rider and it's fast becoming an internet phenomenon. Basically you have a blank field where you draw a line and when your done drawing your line you hit the play button. When you hit the play button is when the fun begins, a bob sledder appears and follows your line until it ends or until he crashes. I really can't explain how fun and a bit sadist this is watching your little bob sledder sped down the slopes, with his red & white scarf.. You can draw a line and make jumps that your bob sledder will never make and watch him crash to his doom or you can build a complicated line and watch with satisfaction as your sledder completes your course.

Also check out these Line Rider videos on YouTube you'll be amazed at how complicated some of this stuff is.

So check out Line Rider and see what kind of course your can make your Line Rider conquer!

Tuesday, November 7

Flow: dive, eat & evolve

I found this great dreamy FREE online game the other day called Flow, where guide your "creature" through the depths where it eats and evolves. I really really wish I didn't find this addictive game. In only a day I've become addicted to it. It's mesmerizing and has a Zen like quality to it, where it just makes the minutes melt away, which is great if your trying to waste time. So I dare you to play Flow and try to see if you can stop.

Monday, October 30

Abracadabra=David Blaine

The other night I watched a David Blaine special on TV where he performed "street magic", which was a lot of card tricks and stuff. It totally blew me away. His magic is amazing. I kept watching his hands to see if I could tell when he palmed the card or made the switch, but I couldn't. He was absolutely flawless. It made me want to go out and learn some magic tricks.

Blaine also does "stunts" such as encasing himself in ice, being buried alive or trying to hold his breath for over 8 minutes. I wouldn't call these stunts magic they are more of a type of performance art and endurance challenges.

I have a magic trick of my own that I would like to do but I need help from a member of the audience. Ok you sir you will do, what I need you to do is click on any link to make my blog disappear, but while you do it you must say Abracadabra! Now click on a link and make my blog disappear.

David Official website.

Wednesday, October 25

Art School Confidential
( 2006, Terry Zwigoff)

Love, Murder, Art and a bunch of Art School Cliches is what you get in Terry Zwigoff's dark comedy Art School Confidential. I'm not sure if I liked this movie because I went to art school and it poked fun at all the art school cliches and stereotypes or if it was actually a funny good movie. The movie follows Jerome Platz, played by Max Minghella as an artist who wants to become the greatest artist of the 21st century, so what does he do to do that, why he goes to art school of course. While at art school he falls for the nude model in his drawing class Audrey Baumgarten, played by Sophia Myles. I don't know about you guys but if I had a nude model who looked like her when I was in art school I think I might of paid more attention in class. Well needless to say the movie revolves around Jerome trying to win the affections of Sophia and also gain recognition for his art. But the question is to what lengths will he go to do that...oh wait did I mention that there is a serial strangler on the loose.

Also in the film are appearances by John Malkovich, Anjelica Huston and Ethan Suplee(who can now be seen playing Jason Lee's brother in the tv show ED).

As my parting words I will leave you with this. If you've never seen a Terry Zwigoff film before, Art School Confidential is not what you should judge this filmmaker by. I would recommend seeing Crumb (1994) a documentary about cartoonist R. Crumb and also see Ghost World (2001). He also directed Bad Santa (2003) but I have yet to see it. If you have seen one of his films before then Art School Confidential will give you a few good laughs but overall it might leave you feeling a bit empty inside.

Art School Confidential website and trailer.

Saturday, October 21

Monsieur Chat

So Johnny Strike, from Seen Any Good Films Lately turned me on to Monsieur Chat after he had read my blog on Space Invader and said it was similar to the "Monsieur Chat" phenomenon that has taken place mostly in Paris but also other European cities. "Monsieur Chat" or just M Chat( as in J. Lo or P. Diddy) is a graffiti cat that had begun showing up on the sides of buildings following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The most notable feature of M Chat is its large Cheshire Cat grin. M Chat is often depicted in various poses and sometimes is accompanied by the tagline M. CHAT in small letters. The graffiti artist or artists of M Chat have so far remained anonymous.
Do you know who they are?
M Chat Flickr group
Wikipedia article A site in French documenting appearances of the graffiti cat

Thursday, October 19

Space Invader

Who is Invader, the Parisian guerrilla artist who cements pixelated mosaics of the widely popular classic arcade game Space Invaders on walls across cities of the world? Well if you want to know more about him and his guerrilla art than check out his website which is pretty fun. It features photos of where his Space Invaders have landed, maps and movies of him in action. See if your city has been invaded by Invader. If it has than you can take a walking tour of your city, hunting out his fun pixelated mosaic Space Invaders.

Space Invader

Wednesday, October 18


So a few blogs back I wrote a little blog about this webcomic that I stumbled upon called Manual Comics. Well one of the commenters on that blog had recommended a few other webcomics to check out. The procrastinator that I am I haven't gotten around to it so I'll just supply you with the links and you guys can check them out for me. If you think they're something I should waste my time on let me know and I will do just that.

Alien loves Predator
Scary Go Round
Monkeys might puke

Sunday, October 15

The Lake House
( 2006, Alejandro Agresti)

So The Lake House is a romance movie starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in which the somehow break the space time continuum and exchange love letters with each other even though they are living 2 years apart(yeah I said 2 years apart). Keanu is 2 years in the past and Sandra is 2 years in the future. The one common factor between them is The Lake House that they had both lived in, at different times of course. So to save you some time from watching this movie I'm just going to tell you how it ends. They eventually find each other and they embrace and kiss and eventually do something else but that's left up to our imagination because that's where the movie ends. If you have 105 minutes to waste than yes watch this movie it was better than expected. If you don't have the time to waste or have something better to do like cleaning out your belly button lint then just know that every thing works out and there is a happy ending to the movie(surprising yes isn't it).

Friday, October 13

Lady Sovereign

Is the next rap super star a 5' 1" white girl from England, who goes by the name Lady Sovereign? Well I'm not an avid hip-hop/rap listener but if the punk rock/drum-n-bass tracks that I've heard are any indication of what Lady Sovereign has to offer than I would say yes. Plus it doesn't hurt to have Jay-Z sign you to his label and have everyone from Adrock, of the Beastie Boys(who did a remix of one of her songs) to Timbaland, Snoop Dog and the Neptunes wanting to work with her.

Although Lady Sovereign hasn't reached superstar popularity in her homeland of England due to her being mislabeled as a Chav and being associated with the Chav culture. She is sure to make a big splash on this side of the pond, mainly because I think the US rap/hip-hop audience is looking for something new in their hip-hop which we can see in the success of Gnarles Barkley, MFDOOM and Danger Mouse. So why don't you throw on a hoodie and trow back a Heiniken and give Lady Sovereign a chance, you never know you just might like her. (official website)
Wikipedia article
Lady Sovereign's Myspace Page

While checking out Lady Sovereign's myspace page be sure to download the live version of Public Warning. You can also find a bunch of other Lady Sovereign's songs floating around on the internet that you can download(you just have to know where to look), but if you like what you hear support this talented artist and buy her music.

Monday, October 9

Make money while Blogging!

So I was turned on to this site, PayPerPost, by Bobby over at The Bestest Blog of All Time(see side bar for link) and I think it's a great idea. You get paid to write blogs! Essentially you write a review (which doesn't necessarily have to be a positive one) about gadgets, movies, TV, music and website from their list of advertisers. This is something most of us do anyway so why not get paid for it right! This is what you do to get started, simply create an account then pick from this list of opportunities(advertisers) that they pay you to blog about. You blog about what you like, submit it to the system and 30 days later you get money in your PayPal account. Could it be any easier!

If you do decide to give this a try don't forget to put me as the person who referred you to the site. All you have to do to do that is use my email address as the referrer. They pay you $5 to refer people to the site and to get them to sign up. So if you do decide to give this a try don't forget to put me as the person who referred you to the site. All you have to do to do that is use my email address as the referrer

Remember the site is PayPerPost!

Sunday, October 8

The End of the Internet?!

We as a species always are curious what's out there.
As kids we always wondered what's out there at the end of the road?
As explorers, we wondered what's out there at the end of the world or the end of the universe?
As we age we wonder what's out there at the end of our lives?
As avid internet user, what's out there at the end of the internet or is there an end?

Well, just today I've finally figured out the answer to one of those age old questions and you can find it here.

What's out there at the end of....

Thursday, October 5

A Battlestar Galatica public service announcement

Hey all you sci-fi tv watching geeks, the season premiere of Battlestar Galatica is on this Friday, October 6th at 9/8c. Don't miss it.
Be there or be square

Wednesday, October 4

( 2003, Gus Van Sant)

With all these recent school shootings, Gus Van Sant's Elephant comes to mind. It is a highly powerful film in which he recreates an everyday ordinary boring school day, showing the kids going through what many kids around the US go through everyday. It's not until near the end of the school day that this seemingly average boring school day erupts into a spasm of violence reminiscent of the Columbine school shootings. I would recommend highly watching this movie, when the credits are rolling at the end you'll just be sitting there with your jaw opened and stunned at what you just saw, in this powerful compelling movie.

A LOST Public Service Announcement

What ever you do today, don't forget to watch the Lost season premiere on ABC tonight Wednesday, October 4 at 9/8c!

Be there or be square.

Thursday, September 28

Manual Comics

So yesterday I stumbled across this great indie comic book website called Manual Comics. Which features some very good eComics(that's what he calls them). After going thru most of the stuff on the site I come to realize that the creator of these comics is actually a bartender at my favorite bar here in Hoboken, NJ called Louise & Jerry's. I do remember at some point him saying that he draws but I had no idea how good he was, boy was I surprised when I found his site and saw some of his work. So, if you have a few minutes to spare I highly recommending you go check out Manual Comics.

On a side note why is it that everything slightly associated with the internet or computers has to have an e or and i in front of it? You got the iPod, eMac, eCards, eComics, iRiver, iTunes, eMail, etc.....? Ok that's my not so rant for today, just like I said go check out Manual Comics, run don't walk there but don't run if you have a pencil in your hand you might poke your eye out.

Monday, September 25


Have you ever wanted to send someone a message in the form of a talking chimp, well than I have the site for you. Career builders Monk-E-Mail lets you send a message to anyone you want in the guise of a talking chimp. You can either pick from a pre-recorded message, type your own message or even record your own message via phone. What more can someone ask for in life.

Stop monkeying around and go check it out now and go bananas!

Thursday, September 21

Who is Meany•Quinn?

Who is Meany•Quinn, The weekend warrior? Well I don't know for sure but he does like to skateboard and goes bowling. He also has a penchant for haikus.


*DISCLAIMER*Meany••Quinn is produced by a friend of mine and he didn't pay me to plug Meany•Quinn I did it out of the goodness of my heart, so go check out Meany•Quinn!

Wednesday, September 20

A Pittsburgh web series

So about a couple weeks ago I got an email from this guy Erik asking me to pimp this web series that he stars in. Well since I'm such a nice guy here I go. The web series that he stars in is called Something to be Desired, which is shot in Pittsburgh and is currently in its 4th season and puts out a new episode every Monday. Its about a group of deejays at a made up radio station and features their exploits. I honestly have to say that I haven't even watched it but Erik asked so nicely for me to plug it that I couldn't resist and also I had some time to waste. So with that said if you have some time to waste also, check out Something to be Desired, and let me know if it is really something to be desired.

If you have a product, website, blog or anything else that you would want me to plug/link on my heavily trafficked blog(note the sarcasm) feel free to email me. Also a small donation(see sidebar for info) for me doing so would be greatly appreciated anything from a quater up to a million dollars would be greatly appreciated, although a donation isn't required for me to plug/link your blog but it would be nice. If you do send a donation along with your request for me to plug what ever it is that you want me to plug, don't necessarily expect a favourable review just because you sent me a donation. If I don't like your whatever it is, I won't lie, but like they say there is no such thing as bad press.

Saturday, September 16

Plagiarism: an experiment

So my experiment of plagiarism blogs is over. The 3 blogs that I had plagiarised this week actually got twice as many hits than my original blogs usually do. I'm not sure if it had to do with the subject matter or just the fact that they were better written than mine usually are. What ever it was it was an interesting thing to do and it was a time saver, so if your pressed for time and don't now what to write just plagiarize someone's blog, hell feel free to plagiarize mine.

Friday, September 15

A plagiarised blog about The Black Keys

So as I've already done in my 2 previous blogs, this week I'm going to try a little experiment and not post any original blogs, instead I will plagiarize other people's blogs. You may ask yourself why I'm doing this, well you see my blog doesn't get any hits/visitors what so ever. I think yesterday I only got 1 hit on my blog and that was probably me checking my blog to see if I had any visitors(yes its a vicious circle). So my experiment is to see if it's my subject matter, my style of writing or is my blog just plain not interesting, so why should people bother visiting it and waste their time here while there are millions of other uninteresting blogs out their to visit. Also another reason I'm doing this is that I just don't have the time to keep on writing my own blogs this week(how do all you people do it?) so this is also a practical matter on my part.

So let the experiment proceed......

The Black Keys

The Black Keys : Magic Potion

The Black Keys released their latest album Magic Potion yesterday. It's right in line with Keys' albums of the past and just as good. It's do-it-yourself-lo-fi-hard-driving-blues-rock. It's their first album for Nonsuch Records. The Keys continue to garner critical acclaim, a growing fan base (which I will always be a part of) and recognition from their peers. They've opened for Beck, Sleater-Kinney and Radiohead, played Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits Music Fest, and their music seems to be making its way into the commercial mainstream a little more each year. Two white boys from Akron, Ohio putting out some of the best blues-rock around. They do their forefathers and influences (John Lee Hooker, Cream, Jimi Hendrix) proud. The Black Keys' MySpace.

Interesting factoid: They named the band, not as a play on the name of the band The White Stripes, of whom they had not heard when they named themselves but are often compared to, but from inspiration of a schizophrenic artist friend in Akron, who used the term "black keys" to describe things he disliked or people he did not trust.

Older Works:

The Black Keys - Meet Me in the City
The Black Keys - 10 A.M. Automatic
The Black Keys - Have Love Will Travel
The Black Keys - Busted
The Black Keys - Heavy Soul

Wednesday, September 13

Rockstar: Supernova, an unoriginal blog

So as I said in my previous blog, this week I'm going to try a little experiment and not post any original blogs, instead I will plagiarize other people's blogs. You may ask yourself why I'm doing this, well you see my blog doesn't get any hits/visitors what so ever. I think yesterday I only got 1 hit on my blog and that was probably me checking my blog to see if I had any visitors(yes its a vicious circle). So my experiment is to see if it's my subject matter, my style of writing or is my blog just plain not interesting, so why should people bother visiting it and waste their time here while there are millions of other uninteresting blogs out their to visit. Also another reason I'm doing this is that I just don't have the time to keep on writing my own blogs this week(how do all you people do it?) so this is also a practical matter on my part.

So let the experiment proceed......

Rockstar Supernova: Week 11

The last week of the season. I hope I haven't alienated too many readers with all these guilty pleasure posts. Next week I'll return to my normal "overlooked artists that I like" kind of posting. :)

As always, mp3s are available at Jeepney Diaries. Check the sidebar for the link.

I had hoped that Zayra or Storm would be chosen for the ex-contestant encore. But as I hinted at in my last post, I'd been told that Ryan was returning.

Ryan Starr: Back of Your Car - It was okay, but nothing spectacular. I still want Ryan to go all Patrick Wolf/Beirut and go for some eclectic piano and brass eccentricity.

Toby Rand: Karma Police (originally by Radiohead) - I think Lukas would have been much more interesting on this song, but Toby did well...for Toby. :p My affection for his original aside, I still think his vocals are too inconsistent for serious songs. He had some nice notes on this one, but not enough to make it great overall.

Toby Rand (feat. Magni): Throw It All Away - As catchy as the song is, I'm already getting a little tired of it. Not sure I could take hearing it on the radio all the time. This was the weakest of the three times he's performed it. Still good, but not as good as before.

Lukas Rossi: Fix You (originally by Coldplay) - Not as good as I thought it would be, The new arrangement in the middle was a nice change, but the beginning and ending vocals were subpar compared to Jim Christian's cover or even the original. And you know I'm not a Coldplay fan.

Lukas Rossi: Headspin - I thought at the beginning it would be boring, but once he hit that high note I really loved it. It's too bad he so rarely uses the full potential of his voice like that. It was great.

Paula Abdul was in the audience?! Well, now we know where Jason Newsted has been getting his happy juice from...

Dilana: Roxanne (originally by The Police) - Now that's the Dilana I knew and loved in the beginning! If only she'd done something like that weeks ago. Going acoustic was risky, but it was a good choice. Having the guys sing backup was a bit much, though, and completely unnecessary. Her voice sounded awesome, very soulful. She seemed to have reclaimed some of her dignity on this one.

Dilana: Supersoul - And then she lost that dignity all over again. I kept thinking "Supersuck", then I switched the channel for a while. I don't know if it's just a bad fit for her voice or simply a crap song in general, but I couldn't listen to it a third time. She should have stopped with "Roxanne".

Magni: Hush (originally by Deep Purple) - His guitar and stage presence playing were great, but the vocals sounded a little off to me.

Magni: When the Time Comes - Meh. I like Magni a lot, but he can easily sound monotonous. Maybe rock is not the best genre for him.

As for the bottom two, I'm only certain that one of them will be Magni. Dilana will probably be the other one at the bottom, with Lukas, Toby, and Dilana being the final three.

I still think the final choice will come down to Lukas and Toby. After last night's performances, I think Lukas is the top runner. But I won't be surprised if Tommy Lee decides that Toby will be a better match for his band.

Tuesday, September 12

An experiment on not being original

So this week I'm going to try a little experiment and not post any original blogs, instead I will plagiarize other people's blogs. You may ask yourself why I'm doing this, well you see my blog doesn't get any hits/visitors what so ever. I think yesterday I only got 1 hit on my blog and that was probably me checking my blog to see if I had any visitors(yes its a vicious circle). So my experiment is to see if it's my subject matter, my style of writing or is my blog just plain not interesting, so why should people bother visiting it and waste their time here while there are millions of other uninteresting blogs out their to visit. Also another reason I'm doing this is that I just don't have the time to keep on writing my own blogs this week(how do all you people do it?) so this is also a practical matter on my part.

So let the experiment proceed......


Rialto Entertainment, 2005, rated M, 110 mins

I must admit to being skeptical when I approached this film: how could filmmakers so young make an homage to classic "noir" cinema that are so far removed from today's popular youth culture. I was very quickly transported by the film's sheer ingenuity, intelligence, wit and grace. It's far from being a set of Humphrey Bogart impressions, and, although it is set in an American high school, it is very far from being a typical high school movie as mainstream Hollywood makes them.

This is instead, a true delight, and as many critics have said, a true original. It is inspired by the writing of Dashiell Hammett and by great "noir" cinema - both old and new, like the Coen Brothers' MILLER'S CROSSING and Polanski's CHINATOWN, with which it holds its own ground very strongly.

Written and developed by a team of young filmmakers - led by writer/director Rian Johnson (his first feature) - over a nine-year period, the film was privately financed and was a true labour of love. Every detail rings true and it is very hard to fault the film's style or its intricate plotting.

The story begins when high school student, Brendan Frye, receives a distressed phone call from his ex-girlfriend who subsequently disappears. A loner with a sharp tongue and savage intellect, Brendan becomes consumed by the search for the troubled girl. The search takes him deep into the world of spoilt rich kids, drug dealers and violent sports-jocks. The plot, which is as complex as THE BIG SLEEP, is exhilarating in its unexpected twists and turns, and the action is constantly laced with genuine wit and humour.

The performances too are extraordinary. In the leading role is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, an experienced young actor from both television (3rd ROCK FROM THE SUN) and cinema, winning awards for his performance as the hustler in Gregg Araki's MYSTERIOUS SKIN. Among the supporting players is Emilie de Ravin, an Australian actress from the hit series, LOST. One of the very few adults in the cast is Richard Roundtree as the school's very worried assistant principal.

The film won a special award for "Originality of Vision" at the Sundance Film festival and has received glowing reviews everywhere. It was enthusiastically received at this year's Sydney Film Festival. I think it is one of the most enjoyable films I've seen for quite some time, so I hope you will make an effort to catch it.


Director: Rian Johnson
Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Writer: Rian Johnson

imdb review

Wednesday, September 6

Job wasting games

If you hate your job, raise your hand, stand up and scream at the top of your lungs that your mad as hell and can't take it anymore. Well if your like me and don't really want to draw that much attention to yourself than I might suggest you visit this website instead, addicting games. So instead of filling out that expense report or preparing for that power point presentation, go over to that website and play some puzzle games or even better yet shoot kittens out of a cannon.

Also in Rockstar: Supernova news, I think Toby is the front runner and just might win.

Friday, September 1


I don't know about you but I just don't get that excited about the MTV VMAs anymore. I flipped to it a couple times and the only time that it caught my attention was when The Raconteurs where playing but than MTV cut away from them to show backstage scenes. I was like hey what's going on, I guess The Raconteurs were just the house band or something like that. Aside from them I just wasn't interested in any of the other bands or acts that where playing. Now I know you might be saying oh your just some old fart that doesn't like popular music, and I to that would say your about half right. No I don't like the popular music that is featured on MTV nowadays, actually does MTV even play videos anymore? They must because they still have an awards show for them, except every time I click on MTV I see some reality show. Back to the popular music issue, I do like new music but it's just not featured on MTV, aside from Gnarles Barkley. Why can't MTV play stuff like Zero 7, Eagles of Death Metal, Peaches or Death From Above 1979?

Has MTV gotten dated and losing it's relevance? Do bands even need to have videos that are played on MTV? Just look at OK Go as an example, they made a video that was turned down by their record company so they just went ahead and put it on YouTube where it became a hit! MTV isn't the powerhouse in the music industry anymore, what with the internet any unsigned band/artist can have their music reach thousands of people all they need is an internet connection and a MySpace Page.

The one thing that I did catch on the MTV VMAs and gave me a chuckle on was that they had an award for most popular ringtone, I guess that's MTV's way of staying relevant in the world today.

I would love to hear what everyone else thinks.

Thursday, August 31

Reality Heaven

So last night I was in reality tv heaven. I had episodes of Rockstar: Supernova to watch and also Project Runway to watch. PArrrty Time. Just so you now that was a sarcastic Parrrrttyy Time. Anyway. I couldn't believe it when Ryan Star was kicked off of Rockstar last night, he was actually my frontrunner to win. Could it be Dilana that will win now, or maybe Toby or Magni, I just don't know anymore, it's anyone's game. I know for sure that Storm Large won't win, I'm surprised she's still even on the show, but she will always have a career in modeling to fall back on. Also watch Ryan Star's bitter goodbye to Supernova

Well it was no surprise that last night on Project Runway that Angela was booted. Although I don't think Kayne really belongs anyway. Even though Jeffrey has been acting like an @ss on the show towards Angela I did find it funny when he said she's more of an arts-n-craft gluing macaroni type of designer. I predict either Jeffrey or Michael will win this season, what do you think?

Check out a really cool blog about Project Runway called Blogging Project Runway.

If you have any more time to waste check this site out, called This site does everything and nothing at the same time.

Wednesday, August 30

My day of procrastination

You know I'm always posting suggestions for you to waste your time with, number one being reading this blog of mine. So today I will clue you in to how I have wasted my day today. You see I'm suppose to be painting the bathroom but the ultimate procrastinator that I am I have found ways to put it off. I haven't totally put it off, I have moved everything out of the bathroom that can be moved, taken everything off the walls and spackled, but that's as far as I've gotten. You see there are just way too many distractions abound. Like the full pot of coffee that needed to be drank. So I sat down with my cup of coffee and flipped through my GF's copy of Jane Magazine in which I found an interesting website called thepornspot. Now please don't think ill of me for checking out this website, but you really should see it, it's filled with strippers and porn stars who resemble real life celebrities, so go check it out and see for your self, if that porn star really resembles Anne Hathaway or if that stripper really looks like Naomi Watts.

I also spent some time catching up on recent episodes of Rocketboom2.0, there I saw some funny stuff on this group called Improv Everywhere, so I had to then go check out their website. I then went to go check out Amanda Congdon's blog called amandaunboomed and somehow somewhere I ended up linking to some articles about this YouTube star called Emmalina who has since stopped posting video because someone had hacked into her computer and stolen alot of personal videos, pictures and personal information. You can check out Emmalina's wikpedia article here. On the subject of Emmalina you should check out this video on YouTube, which is like some sort of homage to her.

Hmm how else have I wasted time procrastinating today, well I've also have been brain storming ideas for my The Ordinary Adventures of Tomas blog because ever since I've been voted bestest blog of the day I feel all sorts of pressure to keep up the good work.

Well so far that's how I've been procrastinating and wasting some time but I think I better go start doing some actual painting and get the bathroom done before my GF comes home!

Monday, August 28

Patience is a virtue

Yes I have to say that the old saying of patience is a virtue is quite true, but I have one thing more that should be added to the end of that saying and it goes like this. Patience is a virtue and it may just get you free stuff.

To prove this let me tell you a quick story of something that happened to me last week. One day last week, I stopped into a local fast food Mexican place(not Taco Bell) and stepped up to place my order. It seems that the manager was training a new person, so my food ordering and preparation took twice as long as usual. I could of showed my frustration and impatience but I guess I just went with the flow and patiently stood in line. We've all been there on a new job being trained with impatient customers on the other side of the counter and it's no fun so why make an already nervous person even more nervous by not being patient. So I guess I come to the moral of the story, as I'm about to be rung out, the manager says since you were so patient have a free soda on me, and I thankfully accepted it. This isn't the first time that something like this has happened to me. I've gotten free coffee's and slices of pizza for waiting so patiently.

So the next time your in line and it's taking a bit longer than you like just remember that Patience is a virtue and it may just get you free stuff

Wednesday, August 23

Rockstar or Magician?

So last night, I was watching one of my guilty pleasures, Rockstar: Supernova on CBS. When I realized that one of the would be rockers, Ryan Star, looks incredibly like the magician David Blaine. Is David Blaine moonlighting as a would be rockerstar? Or are these in fact 2 separate people who just happen to look eerily similar. Can you tell from the pictures which one is the Rockstar and which one is the Magician?

On a side note, I think Ryan Star and also Dilana are the 2 stand out stars of the show. It is in my opinion going to be one of them that ends up fronting the new band Supernova. Who do you think will be the winner? If at this point you have no idea what I'm talking about than you must go check out Rockstar: Supernova in which Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted and Gilby Clarke are looking for a singer to front their rock band: Supernova.

Tuesday, August 22

Stalking as art?

So I came upon this strange, creepy but yet utterly fascinating website called rikitigkille.

"Riktig Kille"” is Swedish and in a rough translation it means "Real Guy"”. The creator of this website(Henry) choose to follow or some may say stalk this stranger/real guy for 100 days and documented it in the above website with paparazzi pictures and text. I'm not sure if this Henry is for real and he really stalked this "Riktig Kille"” or if this is just some crazy art project. Why don't you go check it out and decide for yourself if this is just some harmless hoax or did this person really stalk the "Riktig Kille"” with out his knowing it.

Monday, August 21

Little Miss sunshine
( 2006, Dayton/Faris)

If your feeling down and need a good laugh or if you just want to go see a really really I mean really funny movie then you must immediately go see Little Miss Sunshine. This movie directed by Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris, is a road trip movie about a dysfunctionally fractured family trying to get their little girl Olive, played beautifully by Abigail Breslin, to the Little Miss Sunshine pageant in California. The movie has a perfect cast starring Greg Kinnear, Steve Carell, Toni Collette, Alan Arkin and Paul Dano. This had to be the funniest movie I've seen in a long long time, by the time I left the movie my face was in a permanent grin from laughing so much. This movie is filled with heart, laughs, great characters, beautifully written dialogue and the best dance sequence ever. Not since Napoleon Dynamite has there been a funnier dance sequence, in fact, this blows Napoleon Dynamite's dance sequence out of the water. I can't recommend this movie enough, you must really go see it and when you done watching the movie you will never be able to listen to Rick Jame's Super Freak the same way again.

Check out the movie trailer.

When your done with that check out the official Little Miss Sunshine website.

Friday, August 18

Heard on the Street

Well since a lot of other blogs have these heard on the street segments, I thought it might be a good idea to include one on mine. There's no harm in following the masses every once in awhile, right?

So I was walking down a main street in my city and I walk past these two guys. One is holding up a shirt that says I only came here for the Budlight. The other guys says to the guy holding the shirt up. "Yeah I wore mine to Bon Jovi"

Riveting stuff isn't it?

If you have any Heard on the Street material and think I might like to hear it, drop me a comment and I'll post it here.

Wednesday, August 16


So here's a little something for you girls to waste some time with. It's Jane Magazine's JaneTV. Go check it out now.

Guys don't feel left out you too can go watch JaneTV. You can check out behind the scenes of Heidi Klum's naked photo shoot or see Anne Hathaway's photo shoot or maybe you'd like to see a beach bikini photo shoot.

Friday, August 11

A few things...

So I've been away for awhile(not sure if anyone noticed) so since I am back only briefly I decided to give you a few links you can waste your time with.

Joan as Policewoman: Discover a great musical talent
Foot fetish anyone?: Hey whatever floats your boat.

Now the Joan as Policewoman site as been tested and approved by me. On the other hand, I can't vouch for the Foot Fetish site, although I can assure you that there is no nudity on it(some of you will be disappointed by that) just tons of women's feet for your viewing pleasure. Hey like I said before whatever floats your boat.

Friday, August 4

Something fun and something serious

So I've found my guilty pleasure for the summer and it's Sci Fi's reality show, Who Wants To Be A Superhero?. C'mon we've all fantasized about having super powers and being a super hero like Spiderman, Captain America and Wonder Woman. Well this lucky group of would be superheros has that chance. Well obviously they won't be acquiring real super powers but the winner will have their super hero selves immortalized in a comic book by Stan Lee himself and will also be featured in a Sci Fi channel original movie. You really must watch this show it's campy, funny and entertaining. Check out more info about it and also watch past episodes and audition tapes all on the Sci Fi site.

Who Wants To Be A Superhero?

Also on a more serious note I just want to once again bring everyones attention to the issue of Net Neutrality.
Below you will find some sites where you can learn more about what is going on, how you can voice your concern and opinion and watch some really great home video on the topic.

Where you can jion the fight and make your voice heard: Save the internet
Funny PSAs videos by Internet freedom activists, bloggers, podcasters and ninjas in the fight for Net Neutrality: videos
An unbiased explanation about net neutrality: Net Neutrality

Thursday, August 3

This blog might not be for you

So today I will be doing a not all inclusive blog(um does that make any sense?) What I mean by that, is today's blog is really just for people who use a Mac and more specifically people who are running Mac OS X 10.4 or more commonly known as Tiger. If your one of those people you know all about those great little Dashboard Widgets that you can get. You know what I'm talking about those tiny little applications that are so useful and timewasting. I recently downloaded a new one the other day called DeathWatch. This great little widget tells you the date you are going to die and has a count down clock(seconds and all) of how much time you have left. According to my DeathWatch I will be dyeing on June 14th 2052 and I currently have(for you people who don't want to do the math) 16605 days 15 hours 55 minutes and 17 seconds no make that 16 no 15 well you get it. This is a morbidly fun sobering little widget. It makes you stop and think geez I better get started on that project, spend more time with the kids/wife or better start planning for my retirement.

To get the DeathWatch Widget just click here

Wednesday, August 2

Nothing here to see

There will be no new blog entry for today's blog due to the excessive heat, please call again.

Tuesday, August 1

What a Poopy Head

So, I never intended for this blog to turn into a strictly a movie review blog but that seems to be what's happening. Well I do watch a lot of movies. So today I will refrain from reviewing a movie although I did see a good movie the other night, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang a 2005 movie, directed by Shane Black and starring Robert Downey Jr. as a two bit thief and Val Kilmer as a gay private eye. The movie is a funny murder mystery that takes place in Hollywood....See there I go again reviewing a movie and saying I would refrain from doing so, well I just have to say rent Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, its one of those smart, witty and funny movies that just aren't made too often nowadays.

so what shall I talk about than if not a movie review, hmmm lets see how about art. What is art, can it only be a beautiful picture or can it be a piece of crap? To me the purpose of art is to provoke some kind of reaction or feeling from the viewer whether it be happiness or disgust. It can allow the viewer a brief brake from the harsh realities of life or force you to think about the same harsh realities of the world. Well, where am I going with this you may be wondering, I was trying to create some kind of segue into providing you a link to this funny website that I stumbled across. Well some of you may think it's funny and some of you may not. I'm not sure if most Republicans will find the humor in it or maybe they will. So with out further ado here is the website:

(The website isn't obvious as to where you should click to see the photos so here's a hint just click the madeyouthink logo in the upper left corner)

Some people may think its a piece of crap others may think its art. It's up to you to decide, either way I would love to hear your opinions.

Monday, July 31

( 2005, Stephan Gaghan)

Usually, when my GF and I are watching a movie together, she will tend to ask a couple questions regarding the plot and what's going on. I'm usually like, just watch the movie and your questions should be answered. Well with the politically charged movie Syriana, which was written and directed by Stephen Gaghan(who wrote the great screenplay for Traffic, 200) that wasn't the case. This movie should of came with an outline or maybe some cliff notes, to read before you actually sat down to watch the movie. Yeah, I got the basic idea of what the movie was about, but I hate to say that the intertwining plots of all the characters, just left me plain confused at times. I was just glad that there wasn't a quiz at the end of the movie, because I would of failed it horribly. I do have to give credit to the outstanding oscar worthy acting of the entire cast which featured: George Clooney, Jeffrey Wright, Chris Cooper, Matt Damon, Amanda Peet, Chris Cooper and Alexander Siddig. If it wasn't for the captivating performances of each and every actor I really don't think the complicated story line would of kept me interested for long. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good intelligent movie that makes a person think, but this movie was just too overly complicated at times for me to really just sit back and enjoy.

If your in the mood for a movie, where you don't have to think to much or pay to close of attention to what's going on than this isn't the movie for you. If you are however in the mood for a suspenseful politically charged movie and you've recently taken some Ginkgo biloba than this is the movie for you.

Monday, July 24

The New World
( 2005, Terrence Malick)

The New World is the most recent film by the very unprolific yet extremely talented director Terrence Malick, who directed such films as The Thin Red Line, Badlands and Days of Heaven. The film is an epic love story set amid the European colonial Jamestown settlement of 1607 and the conflicts with the Native Americans. Colin Farrell plays Captain John Smith, Christian Bale plays John Rolfe and the standout star of the movie is Q'Orianka Kilcher who plays Pocahontas. The movie revolves around Pocahontas and her love for two men, Captain John Smith and John Rolfe. This is the type of film where you don't need any dialogue to know what is going on. The poetic imagery and the musical score are enough to get the whole story across, with out even hearing on of the actors speak a single word. The real stars in this movie are not Farrell or Bale but the wonderfully beautiful actress Kilcher and the direction of Terrence Malick and his lush imagery.

If your looking for a visual feast for your eyes and a classic story of adventure and romance than go rent The New World. A word of warning, the movie is very long and at times slow in its progession and might not be to everyones liking.

The New World Trailer

Friday, July 21

Peaches: Impeach My Bush (2006)

So, Peaches the reigning queen of punk electrotrash music* is back, with a new album titled Impeach My Bush From the title of the album one would assume that this record would be filled with politically charged anti-Bush songs, well one would be wrong if they thought that. Besides the first track, which only clocks in at 49 seconds, titled F*ck or Kill in which Peaches sings "I'd rather f*ck who I want than kill who I'm told to" over and over there are no other overtly political references on the rest of the album. So, it just makes me think that Peaches just wanted to show us how clever she is with words and how they can have a double meaning or maybe no meaning at all.

With that said Peaches, on this album doesn't break any new musical ground, its basically more of the same as her last 2 records 2003's Fatherf*cker and 2000's Teaches of Peaches. Now, I don't mean to dissuade you from getting it, because if your a fan of Peaches you won't be disappointed. Some of the stand out tracks on the album are Tent In Your Pants, which features the standout lyrics, "It hurts so good I got a soregasm" it really doesn't get any better than that. The other tracks that stick in my head are Boys Wanna Be Her(which features once again an awesome collaboration with Joan Jett!), Two Guys(For Every Girl) and Do Ya(which can be heard on the new Gap commercial).

I'm not sure if Peaches is mellowing as she gets older or if I'm just becoming desensitized to vulgarities as I get older but, I didn't find this album as explicit and raw as her previous one's. Don't let that fool you though, Peaches is far from breaking into the mainstream and becoming a household name. You won't hear her music on the radio nor see her videos on MTV(does MTV even play videos anymore?) but with Gap(one of the most mainstream commercial retailers in the world) using one of her songs as a soundtrack for their new commercial, just maybe just maybe she might get her pinky toe into the mainstream consciousness. With that said, and if you've made it through this horribly written review, if you've never heard of Peaches before or if your a long time fan I would recommend getting her new album, Impeach My Bush.

Peaches is currently on tour with the Eagles of Death Metal and I will be seeing them on Saturday 22nd at Irving Plaza, Hopefully I'll have the time to write a review of the show, but if she's as good as the other time I saw her I can only bet that its going to be good.

Peaches wikipedia article: here

*If there is a reigning queen of punk electrotrash music than Peaches would be it.

Thursday, July 20

Summer time in the City

So as I said yesterday, I would come back and revisit my idea of what I like and dislike about summertime in the city. So here it goes.


  • Girls wear less clothing: short shorts, short skirts, low cut tops and flowing summer dresses.
  • ice cream(well I actually like ice cream during winter too so I guess that doesn't count)
  • A Corona and a lime
  • Barbeques (supplied by Johnny Strike)
  • Sitting on the front porch(submitted by hoosiergirl5)
  • Going to the pool with the kids(also submitted by hoosiergirl5)

  • Dislikes
  • The summer stench of hot garbage
  • waiting on hot subway platforms
  • The smell of urine filled subway walkways.(well I hate this one year round but trust me the smell is worse during the summer)
  • UK-specific, the completely inadequate (and in many buildings non-existent) air-con we have in this country!(also supplied by Johnny Strike)
  • Being sweaty and sticky(hoosiergirl5)
  • Bees(hoosiergirl5)

  • As I also wanted to hear from my readers on their likes and dislikes. Here is what one of my loyal readers had to say(well probably my only reader).

    Johnny Strike said...
    One summer in every four I dislike the World Cup.

    I have to admit I'm a little confused with what he had to say. I'm not sure if he meant that he hates the summer when the World Cup is held or that he hates the fact that the World Cup is held only once every four summers?

    Johnny Strike has contacted me and cleared up his above statement, here is his explanation:

    I meant that I dislike the World Cup. It transforms football from something that can easily be ignored (for those, like me, who'd prefer to ignore it) into something overblown, in-your-face, and unavoidable. Everywhere you look, everything is football-themed. Every product you buy has football on it. Everything on TV is about football. Every conversation you hear is football-related. So for that reason, from my perspective, it puts a damper on 1 summer in every 4.

    Once again I liked to thank Johnny Strike for his contributions.

    If you'd also like to add your dislikes and likes about summer feel free to send me your thoughts on it.

    If this blog wasn't riveting enough for you than go on over to This guy actually lets you pick out what he will wear for the day. Now if that's not crazy I don't know what is.

    Wednesday, July 19

    Kevin Smith is one funny guy

    So here I was thinking of what I was going to post on this blog of mine today.
    My choices were as follows:

    1. Summer in the City, and what I don't like or dislike. (I would like to hear from you about your dislikes and likes about summer and maybe I'll include your suggestions when I revisit this one, maybe tomorrow.)
    2. Give you a link to some guy who lets you chose what he is going to wear for the day. Yes I'm serious about this one.
    3. Review the new Peaches album, Impeach My Bush.

    But that all changed and those ideas went on the back burner as soon as I saw this video of a Q & A session with Kevin Smith, the director of such cult classics as Clerks, Mallrats and Jay & Silent Bob Strikes back. The Q & A session had to do with his involvement, almost 10 yrs ago of writing a new Superman script that would be directed by Tim Burton and starring Nic Cage. Well of course that movie was never made and a different one was made, but here's his first hand account of how he got a chance to write the script and why it was never made. Kevin Smith is hilarious in this interview, he should have his own TV show or make a movie about this experiences in Hollywood.

    I decided not to embed the video on my blog because I wanted to give props(yes I'm a white boy and I just said props) to the site that I found it on which was Comic Foundry.

    Be prepared, this video is almost 20minutes long, but worth it. So go microwave some popcorn and sit back and enjoy.
    Kevin Smith Q&A video

    Props: Hip-Hop terminology for respect or credit due to a person.

    Tuesday, July 18

    How to eat cereal

    Step 1: Get a bowl and spoon
    Step 2: Get some cereal and pour some in the bowl making sure not to overfill the bowl you have chosen.
    Step 3: Go to the refrigerator and get some milk.
    Step 4: Open up the milk and take a sniff to make sure its not sour. If your sure it's not sour skip Step 5 and proceed to Step 6.
    Step 5: If your unsure if the milk is sour have some one else sniff it and possibly get them to taste it too.
    Step 6: Pour the milk into the cereal filled bowl making sure not to spill any milk.
    Step 7: Insert spoon into cereal and lift out a spoonful of cereal and place in mouth.
    Step 8: Chew thoroughly and than swallow.
    Step 9: Repeat steps 7-9 until no more cereal is left and than drink the remaining milk.

    This has been a public service announcement brought to you from me.

    Monday, July 17

    (2005, Steven Spielberg)

    I just finished watching this movie last night. I had to watch it in two parts since it was so long and real life wouldn't let me finish it in one sitting. I was spell bound by this thriller, which is based on the 1972 Munich massacre of eleven Israeli athletes, by a Palestinian terrorist group known as Black September. The majority of the movie follows an Israeli hit squad lead by Eric Bana(who gives a tremendous preformance in this film and is worth watching the film alone for), Daniel Craig, Mathieu Kassovitz, Hanns Zischler and Ciaran Hinds and their hunt for the terrorist who were responsible for the Munich massacre.

    I think Spielberg did a great job in not taking sides in this film, he just shows the toll of what vengeance can take on a mans' soul and how violence begets more violence. Even though this film was inspired by real events that took place well over 30 years ago. It is shocking at how relevant the movie is today and what is going on in the world, from the escalating violence in Lebanon & Israel to the US's war on terror.

    The final scene of the film ends on the Brooklyn waterfront with the World Trade Center in the background. Which made me think of our own war on terror and our retaliation against the people who were responsible for that horrific human loss(Al-qaeda & Bin Laden). Should a country be able to defend its self and go after and bring people to justice for the wrongs and atrocities that they have committed against its citizens. I say yes, but at what point do we become no better than the terrorists that we are fighting and is it worth losing our soul in the process? In this film, I think Spielberg is asking those questions and also where should it stop and are we just perpetuating a cycle of violence and revenge with no end in site.

    If you haven't watched this film I urge you to do so, You'll find yourself glued to the screen and maybe just maybe you'll come up with some answers to the many questions this film poses