Sunday, April 30

The proof is in the certificate

Do you have an invisible friend?

Do people laugh at you when you introduce your invisible friend to your other friends?

Do people look at you strange when you carry on a conversation with your invisible friend?

Does your Doctor still make you take that medication because you claim that your invisible friend is real?

Well than look no further for a solution to these common problems when dealing with invisible friends.

Invisies is the site for you! Find out once and for all if your invisible friend is real or not! Once Invisies determines if your invisible friend is real than you will receive a certificate that will shut up all the skeptics once and for all!

Don't hesitate, find out now if your invisible friend is real, you have nothing to lose except some time!

Friday, April 28

Saving the world, one faux-hawk at a time.

So it might seem ironic for one who only wears t-shirts & jeans and cuts his own hair to give fashion advice but sometimes one has to do crazy and outlandish things.

The fashion trend that I just want to see abolished is the faux-hawk, especially on business men, C'mon your not fooling anyone. I just find it totally absurd, the way I see it is if your going to have a mohawk, have the balls to get a real one!

The next fashion trend that must stop is as the kids call it are popped collars. C'mon you know what I'm talking about you see these guys and girls wearing their polo/lacoste shirts with the collar popped up. This must stop it looks ridiculous, and girls if your boyfriends do this please tell them to stop.

This public service announcement was brought to you by me

On to another completely different subject but just as important.
I recommend that you waste some time with this, it will be time wasted but well spent!
Save Darfur!

Wednesday, April 26

Wishful Stinking

What's a little nepotism between friends right.

So with that said I want to turn you on to the comics of Brian Smith and more specifically his comic Wishful Stinking. To make a long story short, the comic is about a kid who accidentally swallows a genie and the only way the genie can come out is when the boy farts. Yes you heard me right FARTS! IF that doesn't entice you to check out the comic than I don't know what will. Also check out his comic strip The Basics, I don't always get this one but there is just something about it that makes me scratch me head and chuckle.

Brain Smith Illustrations

Monday, April 24

Movie Review Time

So its movie review time and the little movie that I will be reviewing is Ellie Parker

Ellie Parker

*DISCLAIMER*This is my first movie review. I am not a professional movie reviewer although I did at one point in my life work at Blockbuster.

So my GF and I sat down last night to watch a movie. We both didn't feel like watching a 2+hour movie(which seems to be the norm) so that's one of the reasons I rented Ellie Parker, which clocks in at 96min, and also because Naomi Watts was in it and I think she's fairly hot(but please don't tell my GF I said that, ok)

OK on to the movie review. I found this dark comedy refreshing and funny. Naomi Watts performance was captivating. She should really do more comedies. The plot was also interesting, with its insider view of a Hollywood we never see. Naomi Watts is a struggling brilliant actress in Hollywood who just can't seem to get a job. You follow her around through out the movie seeing what she goes through in her everyday crazy life and her dream to be an actress. You also get to see how many things she is able to do in a car and its quite a lot. The film uses a documentary reality approach, much like the TV show The Office(BBC or American version take your pick).

Now to my complaint of the movie. As I said above the movie employs a documentary reality approach to filming, much like the TV show The Office. Although its not as slickly done as The Office. Although the plot and the acting are great the one downfall is the filming. It had the feel of a student experimental film crossed with the home movies of your crazy aunt who still smokes pot and occasionally chases xanax with coronas.

Here's a link to the trailer and maybe you can decide for yourself if the handling of filming will stop you from seeing Ellie Parker, but as with most trailers its doesn't really show off the movies shortcomings.

So just go rent it ok, hell its only 96 min out of your life.

Friday, April 21

Mark it on your calendar

So I just wanted to let everybody in on a few dates that you should mark on your calendar.

The first date is April 25th.
What happens on April 25th you ask? Well its Ben & Jerry's Free Cone day. Yes that's not a typo. On April 25th Ben& Jerry's will be giving out free cones of ice cream. I did this last year and actually went a few times but I of course changed outfits so as not to be recognized.

The next date is May 6th.
May 6th is Free Comic book Day. Participating comic book stores will be giving away select comics. Just don't expect to get Amazing Fantasy #15

The next date is April 22nd which is actually tomorrow!
April 22nd is Earth Day. So go out plant a tree and give it a hug!

To find out more about these days visit these websites:
Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day!
Free Comic Book Day!
Earth Day!

Thursday, April 20

Graffiti for the Timid

Image hosting by Photobucket

So I found this cool website today, that lets you generate graffiti on a wall(see my example above), error messages, Las Vegas signs and a few other things.

This is a great website to waste some time at. Why don't you give it a try.

Sign generator

Unfulfilled Ambitions

As you can see from my last two posts, I harbor an unfulfilled desire to be a stand-up comic. Unfortunately that will never happen since I have bad knees.

Monday, April 17

Don't Let Junk Mail Get You Down.

I don't know about you but, my mail box is constantly filled with junk mail consisting from pre-approved credit card offers to vote for me literature from politicians. Well just don't throw that junk mail away! Mail it back to the people that send it to you.
You can either just write Return To Sender on the front of the envelope and put it in a mail box or you can mail those business reply envelops back to them(which they've already nicely paid postage for). The latter option is my favorite. I usually fill those postage paid business reply letters with the stuff they sent me, shredded up of course, right back to them. You can mail anything you'd like back to them actually within the business reply letters. Fill it with the obituaries, the personal section from your local weekly or maybe some pages ripped out of your least favorite porn magazine. Just remember don't put your return address or your name on any of the material you mail back to them.

You should try it sometimes, it can be really satisfying.

Mail On!

Friday, April 14


A 30 sometimes 40 year old who still dresses like they are in their 20's. Also known as a yupster, yindie or alterna-yuppie.

ORIGIN: taken from an episode of Star Trek in which Captain Kirk and crew, land on a planet populated by children, with no adults in sight. The kids call Kirk and the crew “grups,” which is a contraction of “grown-ups.” It turns out that all the grown-ups had died from a virus that greatly slows the aging process and kills anybody who grows up.

To learn more about this new emerging subculture click here. You just might be a GRUP!

Here a grup, there a grup, every where a grup grup!

Monday, April 10

Breaking News!

The Village Voice, America's largest free weekly newspaper, has made it to the shores of Hoboken, NJ. Yes you might say that you could always get it in Hoboken, but you had to buy it, unlike in the 5 boroughs where its free. Well on my walk today, I saw the Village Voice's little red newspaper dispensing boxes around town, located mostly near the Path station. This is great news for when I don't get to pick it up in NYC. I mostly get it for its music ,gallery listing and for Dan Savages answer column(which makes great lunch time reading) but I do enjoy the occasional article within the Voice. You'll find stories that just aren't written about in your more mainstream rags. With the Voice being offered free in Hoboken, is this a sign that were being annexed by NYC, probably not its most likely because of all the New Yorkers that commute into Hoboken to Work at Wiley Publishing.

If your not familiar with the Village Voice, check them out online.

The Raconteurs show.

So this past Friday my GF and I went to go see The Raconteurs over at Irving Plaza in NYC. I managed to get some of their music about a week before the show and give it a listen so I would be familiar with their music. Like probably most of the people there, my GF and I went because Jack White was in the band. Yeah the music is not bad but who wouldn't want to see Jack White play music in a small venue.(no I don't have a shrine of Jack White in my bedroom closet) Well let me just say, after the 3rd song I began to forget that it was Jack White and some other guys playing music. It was The Raconteurs, and they were pretty damn good. The show was above and beyond my expectations. Although if you do go see them make sure you wear ear plugs, I think my ears are still ringing.

Let me not forget the opening band, The Muldoons. Although I only caught a couple songs, since my GF and I decided to have a few beers over at Pete's Tavern and than had to use the bathroom before we claimed our spot on the concert floor. What I did catch of them, amazed me. The band consists of two brothers, 8 & 11 years old and their father on drums. They are a pint sized punk band. Not your proto, pop MTV boy band punk but your old school punk. They site their influences as Iggy Pop, The Ramones and MC5. Did I mention that they are 8 & 11 years old! Despite their age though, they would give any band a run for their money. I've tried searching for some songs of theirs on the internet but I have yet to find something. I keep getting hits on this other band called the Muldoons that were around in the late 60's or early 70's. (someone correct me if I'm wrong) If anyone has any links, of the tiny punk rockers The Muldoons music please email me.

If you weren't able to see the show or are just curious to check out The Raconteurs. The band will appear on Late Night with Conan O’Brien on May 19th.

Thursday, April 6

The Raconteurs

So Friday night I'm going to see The Raconteurs(please don't ask me to pronounce that) at Irving Plaza in NYC. This is Jack White's side project. You know Jack White from the White Stripes. I've downloaded a few songs and they sound alright. I also downloaded a live concert. The songs that sounded more like White Stripe songs are the ones that sounded the best, but that's just my opinion. Check them out and find out on your own. I'll also update you on how the concert was.

rac•on•teur |,rak,ån'ter; -en-|
a person who tells anecdotes in a skillfull and amusing way.

ORIGIN: early 19centuryrey France, from
ranconter 'relate, recount.'

Broken Boy Soldiers
Here a few links for you to checkout some of their songs:
2 songs
Raconteurs live in Glasgow
more songs

You should also check out their official website. It has a very cool retro command line computer interface.
The Raconteurs

Wednesday, April 5

The art and life of David Choe

So at 33 years of age, I often look back and think of things that I wish I'd gotten into growing up, one of them being graffiti art. Maybe its the combination of outlaw and artist that's so appealing to me. Some may say it's not to late to become a graffiti artist but I guess I would say to that. Is that I've lost that reckless abandonment that one would need to be a successful graffiti artist. The video below is of a graffiti artist named David Choe. Watching this video makes me want to recapture that reckless abandonment of my youth, but before I do that I better start practicing my stick figures.

So if you have 10min or so to waste some time, I suggest hitting play on the video and sit back and enjoy the show.

If you want to find out more about David Choe or see more videos you can always check out his website:

David Choe