Friday, April 28

Saving the world, one faux-hawk at a time.

So it might seem ironic for one who only wears t-shirts & jeans and cuts his own hair to give fashion advice but sometimes one has to do crazy and outlandish things.

The fashion trend that I just want to see abolished is the faux-hawk, especially on business men, C'mon your not fooling anyone. I just find it totally absurd, the way I see it is if your going to have a mohawk, have the balls to get a real one!

The next fashion trend that must stop is as the kids call it are popped collars. C'mon you know what I'm talking about you see these guys and girls wearing their polo/lacoste shirts with the collar popped up. This must stop it looks ridiculous, and girls if your boyfriends do this please tell them to stop.

This public service announcement was brought to you by me

On to another completely different subject but just as important.
I recommend that you waste some time with this, it will be time wasted but well spent!
Save Darfur!


Hugh said...

We call it the Hoxton Fin, after the Oh-So-Trendier-Than-Thou part of East London where it originated.

msquared said...

Hugh thanks again for being my one and only commenter.