Friday, April 21

Mark it on your calendar

So I just wanted to let everybody in on a few dates that you should mark on your calendar.

The first date is April 25th.
What happens on April 25th you ask? Well its Ben & Jerry's Free Cone day. Yes that's not a typo. On April 25th Ben& Jerry's will be giving out free cones of ice cream. I did this last year and actually went a few times but I of course changed outfits so as not to be recognized.

The next date is May 6th.
May 6th is Free Comic book Day. Participating comic book stores will be giving away select comics. Just don't expect to get Amazing Fantasy #15

The next date is April 22nd which is actually tomorrow!
April 22nd is Earth Day. So go out plant a tree and give it a hug!

To find out more about these days visit these websites:
Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day!
Free Comic Book Day!
Earth Day!


Hugh said...

Free Comic Book Day, is, how they say, THE SHIT! I love it. The UK's biggest comic convention is like a week later, and I get so many freebies that I can wipe my arse on crap Spiderman for a week afterwards.

msquared said...

Hugh thanks for the comments!

Yes I just discovered Free Comic Book Day. I do plan on taking advantage of it.