Thursday, April 6

The Raconteurs

So Friday night I'm going to see The Raconteurs(please don't ask me to pronounce that) at Irving Plaza in NYC. This is Jack White's side project. You know Jack White from the White Stripes. I've downloaded a few songs and they sound alright. I also downloaded a live concert. The songs that sounded more like White Stripe songs are the ones that sounded the best, but that's just my opinion. Check them out and find out on your own. I'll also update you on how the concert was.

rac•on•teur |,rak,ån'ter; -en-|
a person who tells anecdotes in a skillfull and amusing way.

ORIGIN: early 19centuryrey France, from
ranconter 'relate, recount.'

Broken Boy Soldiers
Here a few links for you to checkout some of their songs:
2 songs
Raconteurs live in Glasgow
more songs

You should also check out their official website. It has a very cool retro command line computer interface.
The Raconteurs

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