Monday, April 10

Breaking News!

The Village Voice, America's largest free weekly newspaper, has made it to the shores of Hoboken, NJ. Yes you might say that you could always get it in Hoboken, but you had to buy it, unlike in the 5 boroughs where its free. Well on my walk today, I saw the Village Voice's little red newspaper dispensing boxes around town, located mostly near the Path station. This is great news for when I don't get to pick it up in NYC. I mostly get it for its music ,gallery listing and for Dan Savages answer column(which makes great lunch time reading) but I do enjoy the occasional article within the Voice. You'll find stories that just aren't written about in your more mainstream rags. With the Voice being offered free in Hoboken, is this a sign that were being annexed by NYC, probably not its most likely because of all the New Yorkers that commute into Hoboken to Work at Wiley Publishing.

If your not familiar with the Village Voice, check them out online.

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Hugh said...

Hoboken sounds like a town from the Wizard of Oz.