Monday, April 24

Movie Review Time

So its movie review time and the little movie that I will be reviewing is Ellie Parker

Ellie Parker

*DISCLAIMER*This is my first movie review. I am not a professional movie reviewer although I did at one point in my life work at Blockbuster.

So my GF and I sat down last night to watch a movie. We both didn't feel like watching a 2+hour movie(which seems to be the norm) so that's one of the reasons I rented Ellie Parker, which clocks in at 96min, and also because Naomi Watts was in it and I think she's fairly hot(but please don't tell my GF I said that, ok)

OK on to the movie review. I found this dark comedy refreshing and funny. Naomi Watts performance was captivating. She should really do more comedies. The plot was also interesting, with its insider view of a Hollywood we never see. Naomi Watts is a struggling brilliant actress in Hollywood who just can't seem to get a job. You follow her around through out the movie seeing what she goes through in her everyday crazy life and her dream to be an actress. You also get to see how many things she is able to do in a car and its quite a lot. The film uses a documentary reality approach, much like the TV show The Office(BBC or American version take your pick).

Now to my complaint of the movie. As I said above the movie employs a documentary reality approach to filming, much like the TV show The Office. Although its not as slickly done as The Office. Although the plot and the acting are great the one downfall is the filming. It had the feel of a student experimental film crossed with the home movies of your crazy aunt who still smokes pot and occasionally chases xanax with coronas.

Here's a link to the trailer and maybe you can decide for yourself if the handling of filming will stop you from seeing Ellie Parker, but as with most trailers its doesn't really show off the movies shortcomings.

So just go rent it ok, hell its only 96 min out of your life.

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