Sunday, December 31

The results of climate change?

So earlier in the week I did a movie review on The Inconvenient Truth which deals with the subject of climate change in the form of global warming. Well if you live in the Northeastern section of the US you will have undoubtedly noticed that it really hasn't been that cold out, or at least as cold as it should be for this time of year. It is the end of December and I have yet needed to break out some gloves or a scarf.

The other day I went out into my tiny back garden where for the most part everything is dead or should be dead this time of the year. I have a bunch of flower bulbs that have sprung up and have begun to flower because it's been so warm out.
This shouldn't be happening. These flowers should be coming up in spring time not at the end of December! I also have some Pansy's in a flower box that(yes real men grow Pansy's) that are still flowering and show no signs of letting up. These flowers should have died off sometime in October!

So are these just freak accidents of nature or the results of global warming? I'll let you decided.

Write About US

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Saturday, December 30

Time Wasting Video of the Week!

So I figured since I did a movie review earlier this week of the movie Domino, that I should carry over the theme to my Time Wasting Video of the Week. So for your viewing pleasure and time wasting pleasure as well I present to you the Time Wasting Video of the Week. Enjoy!

If for some reason the video doesn't load feel free to go straigh to the source.

Friday, December 29


I think I might of found the best time waster on the internet, well besides this blog that is. It is called StumbleUpon. It's an add on for the FireFox browser. The concept behind it is similar to the next blog button Blogger has yet when you hit the StumbleUpon's button it brings up a random webpage. It let's you channel surf the whole wide web.

Ok maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. First StumbleUpon only works with Mozilla's FireFox Browser. So first if you don't already have FireFox you than need to download Firefox, then you download StumbleUpon and create a user account. You than define your preferences as to what types of stuff your interested in and what type of web pages you would like to see. Once your account is set up you can start stumbling around the internet. If you find a site that you like you can than hit the thumbs up icon and give it a review. If you don't like a site you can than give it a thumbs down. The more you rate the web pages you StumbleUpon they better StumbleUpon will get at delivering stuff that you enjoy.

This is a great way to find web pages that you find interesting but yet wouldn't think of searching for. I warn you once you start you won't be able to stop. You'll keep hitting that StumbelUpon button because you'll constantly want to see what is next. It is highly addicting and highly time wasting, but that's why I'm recommending it.

So what are you waiting for start Stumbling now!

Thursday, December 28

(2005, Tony Scott)

Domino an action sometime comedy film, is based on the real life(sort of) of Domino Harvey, a young female bounty hunter. The lead character is played by Keira Knightly. Mickey Rourke and Edgar Ramirez play her fellow bounty hunters. In the movie Ian Ziering and Brian Austin Green of Beverly Hills 90210fame play themselves, as hosts of a reality show. Christopher Walken, Lucy Lui, Mena Suvari, Delroy Lindo and Dabney Coleman also round out the cast.

I think if this movie was 30-minutes shorter and the action was tightened up a bit it would of been a better film, but director Tony Scott(Ridley's less talented brother) just didn't pull through on this one. I didn't really like this movie nor did I hate this movie, all in all it just didn't do anything for me.

The one saving grace of this movie was Keira Knightly, who at various points during the movie, gives a gang banger a lap dance in her bra and panties, goes swimming in a skimpy bikini and the crowning achievement of the film, does a topless mescalin fueled sex scene in the middle of the desert. Now that last one I mentioned, the topless sex scene. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining that that was put in the movie but I have no idea why that was put in the movie, it did nothing to further the plot. Oh wait, now that I think of it I know why that was put in the movie, to give people a reason to sit through it(well that is until the sex scene is over). I'm not sure why Keira agreed to do that scene but for what ever reasons I really hope they paid Keira a lot of money to do it, but between you and me I'm glad she did.

Domino official site
Domino @imdb
Domino trailer
The real Domino Harvey wikipedia entry

Breaking News! Breaking News! Breaking News!

John Edwards announces his intentions to run for president last night on of all places, YouTube!

Also be sure to check out the John Edwards interview on Rocketboom with Joanne Colan.

By announcing his intentions on YouTube and granting what it seems to be one of his very first interviews after announcing his intentions to a daily internet news podcast, what does that mean? Who is he trying to reach? Is it just a political ploy to appeal to young voters? What are the implications of this for standard tv news repporters and broadcasts?

Wednesday, December 27

Smarter, Faster, Better

So today I wasted some time trying to figure out my brain power/brain age. I accomplished that feat at this website: MyBrainTrainer. I'm a bit embarrassed at how I did, but I will have you know that after a couple cups of coffee and some practice I did a lot better, but I still think my brain needs a lot more exercise.

PayPerPost Carnival

If you use PayPerPost than this blog is for you. If you don't know what PayPerPost is or you do know what it is then sign up now, because it rules! Just click on the PayPerPost icon in my sidebar and sign up for PayPerPost you won't be disappointed.

Ok now for the heart of this blog. Jessie from Hunna's Happenings & Who Are We is hosting a PayPerPost blog carnival. The due date for it is today (Dec. 27th) by 11:59 pm. So if you use PayPerPost, then check out here site and follow the directions to submit one of your favorite posts for entry into the carnival and like I said if you don't use PayPerPost yet then hurry up and click on the PayPerPost icon in my sidebar and sign up at PayPerPost. What do you have to lose it's free and they don't ask for any CC#'s

Tuesday, December 26

An Inconvenient Truth
(2006, Davis Guggenheim)

Some may say Oh that's that Al Gore movie isn't it. What is he trying to do get elected for president. Well however you may feel about Al Gore, whether you like him or don't, you must see this movie. I implore you to see this movie. Every American should see this movie. Schools should be showing this movie in science class.

An Inconvenient Truth is about the climate crisis in the form of global warming that the Earth is facing. It follows Al Gore's fight of making people realize what is going on and his effort to stop the effects of global warming. This movie focuses on a slide show about the global climate crisis, that Al Gore has been giving for a large majority of his career. The film makes a difficult subject to understand accessible and clears up the misinformation around it. Seeing this movie will make you understand what is at stake and your need as an individual to take action, before it's too late.

Also make sure you check out the An Inconvenient Truth website climate crisis to see what you can do to help fight global warming and to get more information on the subject.

An Inconvenient Truth @ imdb
An Inconvenient Truth trailer

Oh and did I mention that you should see this movie.

Friday, December 22

Time Wasting Video of the Week!

I don't know about you but I think this guy is really wasting his time.

If for some odd reason no video shows up just click on this link to be taken straight to the source.

Thursday, December 21

Brothers of the Head
(2005, Keith Fulton & Louis Pepe)

Brothers of the Head is mockumentary portrait of 2 brothers, Tom and Barry Howe, who are Siamese twins in 1970's England. The twins are bought off of their father by a music promoter with the hopes of producing a musical novelty act. Instead what he gets is an intense outpouring of pure punk rock energy, not exactly what he was looking for. The film is a look into two musical artists trying to find their identity, but what happens if those two musical artists are conjoined Siamese twins. They delve into that notion in one of their songs where the lyrics are "2 to 1 and 1 is 3 are you you or are you me?"

In the film the twins band is called The Bang Bang and the music that they produce is really good. I'm not normally into buying movie soundtracks but I'm highly thinking of getting the soundtrack to the movie. Although I have been trying to find somewhere on the internet to download the songs for free(yup I said free) So if anyone knows of a site that has the songs for download, please let me know!

Now for the mockumentary approach of the film. I think the director handled this particular genre wonderfully. At one point in the film, my girlfriend turns to me and goes, this isn't a true story right? Also be warned, when someone first hears the word mockumentary they think its going to be a comedy or a funny look at something. Well with this film that couldn't be further from the truth. This film is a grim dark portrait of two boys who go on a musical journey, fighting to find their own identities. To make matters even worse and tougher for them they have to do all this while being conjoined Siamese twins. There is no happy ending to this mockumentary, although this film utterly sick and twisted film will leave you thinking about it for days

Brothers of the Head official site
Brothers of the Head @ imdb
Brothers of the Head Trailer

Wednesday, December 13

Time Wasting Video of the Week!

So here at Wasting Time one of the main features of this blog is to find ways for you to waste time. One of the biggest time wasters out there is, of course watching internet videos on one of the numerous video hosting sites. So with that said I've decided to add a new weekly feature(depending on how its received) to this blog. Each week I'm going to go to a video hosting site(of my choice) and do a search for the term "Wasting Time". I will then post the most popular or best time wasting video I find. So with that said here is the first video. Enjoy!

If for some odd reason no video shows up just click on this link to be taken straight to the source.

Tuesday, December 12

Now that's Dedication?

Since the dawn of photography the self-portrait has been one of the main subjects of photographers. But imagine taking a photo of your self for 6 years or even better over the course of 8 years. Well thats what these two individuals have done. The first video is by a guy named Noah and most likely you've seen it before.

If you think thats cool or just plain crazy to take a photo of yourself for 6 years well here's this guy who's been doing it for an amazing 8 years! Go ahead check out his video too.

Taking your picture everyday for that long is just an amazing achievement. I'm not sure I could even take my picture everyday for as long as this persons been doing it over at 365days.

click on the photos to watch the videos

( 2005, David LaChapelle)

So last week I did a review of photographer Larry Clark's film Wassup Rockers. A movie based on real experiences of a group of Latino punk rock skateboarders living in South Central Los Angeles. Well this week I have another film by a photographer focusing on a different group of kids also living in South Central Los Angeles. The photographer this time is acclaimed fashion celebrity photographer/music video director David LaChapelle and the movie is Rize.

Rize is a documentary film about the dancing sub-cultures of Clowning(orginated by Tommy the Clown) and Krumping(which developed out of the Clowning movement), in the gang ridden neighborhoods of South Central, LA. What is a young kid to do to get out his aggression and anger, but yet staying optimistic and positive in a nonviolent way,having grown up in that type of environment. Well thats where Clowning and mostly Krumping come into play. These two dancing sub-cultures are a way for the practitioners to freely express themselves and to get out all of the complex emotions that are within them, while at the same time they having unknowingly created a new art form. It is also an alternative for them to the blinged out lifestyle that is portrayed in mainstream hip-hop. To an outsider this style of dance can seem violent since at times there is physical contact between dancers, but to the participants it is just a way to express themselves in a nonviolent way and they all understand this to be part of the dance and they don't advocate violence at all. It is similar to the old punk rock standard of the mosh pit,it may look violent but everyone is just there to have fun and not hurt anyone and everyone understands that.

It was interesting to see this documentary not to long after I had watched Wassup Rockers. Where the Latino skaters eschew the gangsta rap culture and instead choose to express themselves through punk rock influences and skateboarding. These are just good kids trying the best they can with the hand that have been dealt. The same can be said about the kids that are featured in Rize, these are just good kids trying to express themselves and trying to stay optimistic and positive. As one of the kids said if it wasn't for Clowning, he most likely would of joined a gang.

Well I'm not sure where this review is going except that you don't have to be a Clown, a Krumper or just a middle class white boy who does poorly written movie reviews to appreciate a documentary like, Rize.

Watch the Rize Trailer
Rize imdb page

Monday, December 11

Archie McPhee

If your trying to find a quirky gift then look no further then Archie McPhee where you can find Toys,Gifts & Novelties all made by Magic Pixies.You can get a Jesus Pencil Topper or maybe an anatomical gummy heart for that special someone. My personal favorite is the avenging narwhal play set.

Wednesday, December 6

Wassup Rockers
( 2005, Larry Clark)

Wassup Rockers is Larry Clark's most recent film and is reminiscent of his first film Kids, except there is no rampant drug use in this one. Wassup Rockers is a story about a group of Latino skateboarders who eschew the hip-hop culture of their South Central Los Angeles gang centered neighborhood. They instead listen to punk rock wear tight clothes and ride skateboards. The plot revolves very loosely around the kids going to skate a famous skate spot in Beverly Hills and the assorted cast of characters they come into contact with, and then their subsequent "escape" from Beverly Hills back to their "safe" neighbor hood of South Central. The skateboarders adventures through Beverly Hills and their plight to get back to South Central vaguely reminded me of that cult 70's film "The Warriors". I also must add that the scenarios that the kids find themselves in throughout the movie are all loosely based on actual events that they have encountered in their real lives. Clark at first wanted to make a straight up documentary about them, in fact the movie opens with some documentary footage he shot a year before starting the film, of the lead boy in the film, Jonathan recalling the first time he had sex. Clark however really just wanted to make a real movie based on their lives.

While I enjoyed this film immensely I do have to admit that it has many downfalls. The acting for one isn't very good, most notably because Clark uses all non-actors. He literally found these kids skateboarding one day while he was doing a photo shoot out in LA. The film has its slow spots and in the first part focuses too much on the kids practicing skate tricks. The film does pick up in the second half as this unruly band of skateboards try to make it back to South Central, often resulting in some hilarious encounters and some tragic ones too. Than there is also the odd long time fascination that Clark has with shirtless teenage boys. At one point, as the camera is lingering a bit too long on the shirtless torso of one of the boys, my girlfriend asks is this guy a pervert or something?

With all that aside Wassup Rockers left me with a great feeling at the end of the movie. Maybe it was because of the awesome punk rock soundtrack or because the scenes of the kids skateboarding made me long for my days as a youthful skateboarder, just looking for the next skate spot. Or it could be that Clark just has a way of making us all feel nostalgic for our idealized days as reckless teenagers.

Wassup Rockers imdb page
Wassup Rockers official site Check this site out it has some great stuff on it and more info about the film

Monday, December 4

Goo Goo Da Da (Baby Talk Translator)

Have you ever wondered what that perceivably cute little baby is saying? Or maybe you wanted to try to carry on an intelligent discussion with a baby but just couldn't speak nor understand their language. Well don't fret have I got the website for you. It's the Baby Talk Translator. I found this great little gem of a time waster, this morning. I found this so amusing that I just had to let everyone know about it so why don't you go try it out. If you don't see the word or phrase that you need translated you can email the people at Baby Talk Translator and they will provide you with the translation.

Now out! Baby Talk Translator Mark 2

Friday, December 1

The Da Vinci Code
( 2006, Ron Howard)

I can't recommend this movie enough as the biggest waste of time. What was Ron Howard thinking when he made this movie? The acting and dialog were horrendous in this movie. Tom Hanks was the worst I've ever seen him and he's been pretty bad before(ever see Turner & Hooch?) Actually now that I think of it Tom and the dog from Turner & Hooch had better chemistry than Mr. Hanks and Audrey Tautou. He was the wrong choice to play the lead part of Dr. Robert Langdon. On a whole the casting of this movie was just all wrong from Audrey Tautou as Agent Sophie Neveu to Paul Bettany as the albino Silas. A heads up to all you girls and gay men, you do get to see Paul Bettany's naked butt in the movie and it's pretty early on so you don't have to sit through too much of the movie to get to it. With that said, I can go on and on about how this movie sucked. It was just so boring. It's like here's a clue lets solve it, oh no here's another clue lets solve it, oh wait what's this another clue and on and on and on. I do have to say that the latter part of the movie did pick up a bit but it was too late to save this poor adaptation of the hit book. My recommendation is to just read the book and skip the movie.

The Da Vinci Code

What's your Page Rank?

Well I had thought that I would have sometime to do some movie reviews today but sadly I have no time to waste time due to work obligations. Just don't you hate the fact that work gets in the way of so many things. Maybe later on I will have some time to do a movie review post. So for now, I will just leave you with this little, little time waster. Go check your page rank at C'mon you know your curious about what your page rank is. My page rank is currently only 2/10. How can I get my rank up higher?