Wednesday, December 13

Time Wasting Video of the Week!

So here at Wasting Time one of the main features of this blog is to find ways for you to waste time. One of the biggest time wasters out there is, of course watching internet videos on one of the numerous video hosting sites. So with that said I've decided to add a new weekly feature(depending on how its received) to this blog. Each week I'm going to go to a video hosting site(of my choice) and do a search for the term "Wasting Time". I will then post the most popular or best time wasting video I find. So with that said here is the first video. Enjoy!

If for some odd reason no video shows up just click on this link to be taken straight to the source.


john weeks said...

But I felt like my time was well spent listening to his great advice!

So much so that I watched it 37 times.

Johnny Strike said...


(... which, of course, is a now-badly-dated Kevin Smith reference; and for which, therefore, please accept my most humble apologies, but I couldn't resist.)

I also found the guy's advice quite compelling. I think maybe you should delete the video from your site, Msquare2, for fear of your readers rejecting the Way of the Timewaster.
Then again, if:

(A) this guy's right, and we are supposed to find the one thing we want to do more than anything else in life;
(B) we must then find a teacher and learn from them;
(C) the thing specified in (A) is, in fact, to waste time

.. then maybe Msquare2 should be our teacher. How about it, Msquare2 Sensei? -- "Time well spent does not exist in this dojo, does it?" -- NO SENSEI!