Wednesday, April 5

The art and life of David Choe

So at 33 years of age, I often look back and think of things that I wish I'd gotten into growing up, one of them being graffiti art. Maybe its the combination of outlaw and artist that's so appealing to me. Some may say it's not to late to become a graffiti artist but I guess I would say to that. Is that I've lost that reckless abandonment that one would need to be a successful graffiti artist. The video below is of a graffiti artist named David Choe. Watching this video makes me want to recapture that reckless abandonment of my youth, but before I do that I better start practicing my stick figures.

So if you have 10min or so to waste some time, I suggest hitting play on the video and sit back and enjoy the show.

If you want to find out more about David Choe or see more videos you can always check out his website:

David Choe

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