Friday, March 31

...And so it begins

So this is my first blog here on blogger. Not really sure what my blog will evolve into, but I just wanted a place where I can help people waste some time. Whether your at a job, school or home twiddling your thumbs and you need something to do for 15minutes or maybe and hour, I wanted to provide you a place to waste some time at.

So in this here blog, I will post links to stuff that I find interesting or that are great time wasters. I'll provide links to funny videos, new bands I'm interested in or pop cultural stuff. I write movie, book and music reviews. Provide you with some art from established artists or new up and coming artists. And if I can't think of something to post I'll just tell you what I plan on having for dinner. I'm sure, since I'm not the hippest person around that a lot of this stuff you will have already seen a million times. If that is the case than look at it for your millionth and first time.

Let the fun begin.

First up I present to you a funny comedy video entitled The Bone Boys. Its a spoof on all those supposedly first time porn videos. C'mon you know the ones I mean, they have names like: Captain Stabbin, Mike's Apt, The Bang Bros and First Auditions. Well this video is funny you should really check it out. And don't worry if your at work its rated PG, no nudity but please don't let that stop you from taking a look.

The Bone Boys

I also have something else for you, its a website that features a Golem made out of youtube videos. Its pretty neat you should really check it out. Although I don't recommend this for any one who is using dial-up.


Try to get all the videos playing at once.

So that's it for now, until next time.

We're all just wasting time

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