Tuesday, May 30

The Japanese Invasion

We're always looking for that next great rock band that will supposedly save rock n roll well if the Japanese band named BORIS is any inclination of what Japan has to offer, than the next great rock bands of the future just might be coming from Japan.

I discovered(well in the sense of how Columbus discovered America) BORIS, over the weekend. They are a Japanese experimental noise metal stoner punk band with influences of Motorhead, Melvins, Black Sabbath and a bit of John Cage thrown in for good measure. You should really check them out. Their first US release called BORIS:PINK hit US record stores in March anything they've recorded before that will be a bit hard to find in the US.

BORIS will be playing a show at NYC's Avalon tonight, Tues, May 30th. So if your in NYC tonight and have nothing to do or would like something better to do go check them out! Unfortunately I can't make it to see them so if you do go check them out please feel free to rub it in my nose and let me know how the show was.

Here's their website:BORIS and here's their record label's website Southern Lord Records

Something to whet your appetite: Korosu.mp3

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Richard said...

hey mike - you get Sunno))) into the bargain on the US tour - watch out for the 'shitpitch'