Friday, June 9

See This Movie

So I just watched See This Movie last night and I have to tell you, you must really See This Movie. You might be asking what's the name of this movie I must see and I'll tell you See This Movie. See This Movie stars Seth Meyers(SNL) & John Cho(from Harold and Kumar). Seth Meyers plays Jake Barrymore, a talentless film director and John Cho plays Larry Finkelstein, his side kick film producer.

The basic concept of the story is that Jake and Larry manage to get their movie(which they haven't even made yet) into a film festival. Hilarity ensues as the make a mad dash to try to finish their film in time for their premier all the while fooling everybody that they already have the film done. The film that they end up making is drockumentary about Jake making a film about him making a film. Yes confusing no. If your a film lover, or work in the film or photography industry you'll love all the little inside jokes and the basic making fun of the Hollywood industry. Two of the best and funniest scenes in the movie are when Jake manages to get Wim Wenders to film a scene with him in his movie and when Jake & Larry are on a film discussion panel.

Well enough of me talking just go See this Movie now!

You can find out more about See This Movie here: See This Movie

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