Friday, June 16

Breaking up is hard to do.

So the other day I went to go see The Break Up starring Vince Vaughn & Jennifer Aniston and no my GF didn't make me go see it. I'm a fan of Vaughn and his hyper I'm a guy comic talk. Well my expectations for the movie where being realized during the first half of the movie as I found myself laughing to a bunch of scenes. The funniest scene in the movie had to be the dinner scene where both sides of the family finally meet and a sing along ensues. One of the other highlights of the movie is Justin Long who you may remember as Warren Cheswick on the now cancelled TV show, ED and more recently on the new Macintosh commercials. He plays an art gallery assistant in the movie. Unfortunately, Justin Long and the hilarious dinner scene just can't make up for the second half of the movie where the laughter just seems to go away and romance drivel takes the upper hand? Where did the laughter go who's to say? I do know this, that you might want to save The Break Up for a Friday night movie rental instead of a Saturday night movie date, but that's just my opinion.

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