Monday, February 11

The Daily Photo: February 11th

For this week I'm going to do something a bit different. This week there's going to be a theme to the daily photos and that theme is: self-portraits. Although it's not going to be self-portraits, in a traditional sense. I firmly believe that every photograph that a photographer takes is a type of self-portrait. Also, when I'm in the checkout line of the grocery store I often find myself looking at what other people are buying and forming an opinion about them based on those items they are purchasing. So, with those two ideas in my head I thought of doing the same thing with myself but instead of showing you my grocery store purchases I'll be photographing my garbage. This will actually be a group portrait of my girlfriend and I, since we live together and our garbage co-mingles. Not sure if I'll post a photo of my garbage everyday this week, I guess it depends on how boring it gets or if I have some other daily photo that I would really want to show. Anyway that's enough of me blabbering on, here's the first of my Trash Portraits.

Trash Portrait #1, Feb. 11th
Trash Portrait #1, Feb. 11th
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nursemyra said...

don't you separate paper from trash for recycling?

msquared said...

Well yeah newspapers and stuff like that we do.

Meany said...

You look good today, did you lose weight?

msquared said...

I wish!