Wednesday, December 31

The Daily Photo: December 31st (The End)

So, my year of taking a daily photo is over and this is the last photo of the year(2008). I had a pretty fun time doing this and kind of discovered my vision/point of view as to what I mostly like to photograph. This was an excellent exercise and I recommend any photographer to take the time to do this at least once. Sadly I don't think I'm going to continue doing this into 2009. It took up alot of my time and I have other projects that are in the works that I'd like to focus on. One of them is trying to put together a book featuring my favorite shots throughout this past year, while doing The Daily Photo, so be on the look out for that in a few months(hopefully), I will keep everyone updated though.

So with the end of this project I'd like to back to basics, as to what I originally imagined this blog to be, mostly a place where I can post some of my reviews, interests and finds regarding music, film, the internet and art. Don't worry I'll still post photos from time to time on here but if you just can't wait for that make sure to always check my flickr site for an updated look at my photography.

See you in the New Year.

Through the Looking Glass #2, December 31st
Through the Looking Glass #2, December 31st
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