Monday, March 3

Blog ISO50

So it's been awhile since I posted a written non-daily photo blog and I thought it was about time that I remedy that. So I thought I'd let all two of you in on a blog that I've come to make it a habit of checking out daily and wasting some time with. The blog is called ISO50, The Visual Work of Scott Hansen. This blog was suggested by one of my professors at school and as you might of guessed, it's run by this guy Scott Hansen who is kind of a jack of all trades creative person. You know the type, the individual that can do just about everything extremely well and makes you sick with jealousy about it. He does photography, graphic design and music. Although he does his music under a different moniker and is featured on another site called; Tychomusic. His blog features lots of his photography and his design work which has a minimalist retro feel to it. He also features alot of other designer's work on his blog, every thing from print design, package design to industrial design, that he enjoys. On top of all of that he also likes to include music on his blog that he enjoys listening to. So if your a designer, photographer or musician there always a little bit of something that you will find interesting on his blog.

For those of you that don't know ISO 50 refers to a film speed.

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nursemyra said...

great use of colour.

I'm envious of talent like this too