Tuesday, March 18

LongWave: I Don't Feel A Thing

Just a little something I did for a school assingment, enjoy.

Longwave, the bands website
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Meany said...

Q:What's the worst thing about listening to LongWave?

A:Having to tell your parents your gay!

Love the video though! Very cool!

msquared said...

you're a real comedian, you should really take your act on the road.

Meany said...

What exactly is it your swallowing down?

msquared said...

well I believe that in the song he's swallowing down life, why would you like it if it was swallowing down something else?

and also you make it seem like being gay is a bad thing and something that someone should be ashamed of?

Even though I'm not gay I still like Longwave so there.