Sunday, February 4

The Boston Panic of 2007

So by now everyone in the US has heard of what is being known as the Boston Panic. Two artist in conjunction with Turner Broadcasting & The Cartoon Network put up square foot lite brite signs that were hung up in various parts of the city, featured a character from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, a Cartoon Network cartoon. These lite brite boxes where mistaken for terrorists bombs. Here is a video which shows the two placing the lite bright devices, which clearly don't look like bombs around the city of Boston.

I ask you again do you think the reaction that this advertising campaign has gotten is justified or just a big waste of time? The mayor of Boston plans on suing Turner Broadcasting, is that just a waste of tax payers money? Is it a waste of tax payers money and government employees time to prosecute the two individuals respsonsible for this? Should that money be spent on possibly training their police officers on how to recognize a bomb from a lite bright? The two perpertrators of this panic, Peter Berdovsky, 27, and Sean Stevens, 28 where released from prison on $2,500 cash bond after each pleaded not guilty to placing a hoax device and disorderly conduct for a device found Wednesday at a subway station. They immediately were hounded by the media and this is the video of it. If you do anything today you should watch this video. They refuse to talk about what has happened and instead want to only talk about hairstyles from the 70's. It's genius, they end up forcing the reporters to ask them questions only pertaining to hair.

Also watch this weeks Time Wasting Video which is a response to the Boston Panic of 2007.

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