Friday, February 2

Time Wasting Video of the Week!

So this week's time wasting video is in response to the Boston Terrorist plot that actually turned out to be an advertising campaign gone wrong. The square foot lite bright signs that were hung up in various parts of the city, featured a character from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, a Cartoon Network cartoon. This was part of an unconventional ad campaign blitz for the show on Cartoon Network. You can read the full story here

Similar signs were placed in other major cities and none of those cities reacted the way Boston did. So do you think Boston overreacted or was their reaction justified?

Anyway here's the Time Wasting Video of the Week!

As always you can also view it here


bryrule said...


I was so afraid, elizabeth, mercy and I were hiding in our basement. Then Master shake knocked on the door and said come on out it A OK.

msquared said...


Skrabak said...
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Meany•Quinn said...
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msquared said...

Master Shake is a character on Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Meany•Quinn said...

I think the politicians definitely overreated, considering the fact that they were up for 3 weeks in 9 cities including Boston and nobody noticed. It's a good example of how out of touch the goverment is wth young people. And yes I do still consider myself young.