Wednesday, February 7

Only You (live)

One of my favorite Portishead songs. Does anyone know what has happened to Portishead and where they've might of gone? It'd be great if they put out another album.

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Sanni said...

Hi =)
Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog and for the reminder not to start the music automatically...

I ask myself why this happened to you, because normally it doesn´t. I´ve changed from auto-play="true" to "0" and the music does start by pressing the button... normally.

I don´t like it either when I visit a blog (or open a few blogs by tabbed browsing) and hear a concert =)

So, do you have any idea what the problem could be? Any tips are welcome!

I´m sorry for the inconvenience happening to you while visiting me.

Kind regards from Germany,


P.S.: Hooray for Portishead =)