Wednesday, April 11

Arctic Monkeys

For the past month or so I've been listening to nothing but the Arctic Monkeys on my iPod. I know that they were once touted as the next big thing from Britain when they first blipped on the radar over here, but I didn't really pay much attention to them. That all changed on a whim when I got their album Whatever People Say I Am That's What I'm Not. Their are some really great tunes on the album from Riot Van to Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong But...

You hate to classify music but if I had to I would describe it as indie-punk-pop. I know that thats a bit of a odd combination of musical descriptions but let me clear it up for you. I classify it as indie-punk-pop and not just solely as pop-punk because with been brainwashed my the current trends of music into believe punk music today is some band that has a number somewhere in its name, the members have tattoos, their video is usually played after a Britney Spears video on MTV and they site their musical influences as far back as Green Day. No offense to Green Day, I've actually have come to like them as they've progressed in their career, but that's a whole nother blog. So indie-punk sounded like a good description since I would classify them as punk but not mainstream pop punk. I also threw in the label pop, because a good deal of their songs if given a chance could be radio hits and the popular(hence the label pop) culture would like them. Lets me put it this way this is a band that you would have lots of fun listening too/watching in a crowded bar drinking pints of beer with your friends. What's better than that.

Okay enough of that, basically enough of that. If you haven't heard of or listened to any of the Arctic Monkey's music, well your in luck they will be releasing a new album aptly titled Favourite Worst Nightmare, April 23rd. You can check out some of the tracks and see what some other blogs are saying about them, if you scroll down to my newly implemented Hype Machine Widget, located in the left sidebar. You can also hear a couple songs on their myspace profile.

Arctic Monkeys official site
Arctic Monkeys on myspace

On a side note they will be playing the Coachella Music Festival this year. IF you want to buy me tickets to go please don't hesitate to do so.

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