Saturday, April 7

The Hype Machine

Ok I have to let everyone know about this great site I've been using for a little while now.The website is called The Hype Machine. What is the Hype Machine? Well basically it's a site that tracks and follows music blogs, listing links to song tracks that are featured on a particular blog. Maybe you still don't get it. Let me give you an example. Go to The Hype Machine, type in a musical artist your interested in and viola a list of links to music blogs pops up along with the particular music track that is featured on the blog. This is a great way to listen to a new artist and to see if you really want to go spend your hard earned cash on their CD or if you just want to purchase that one particle song.

On a side note the majority of these blogs that The Hype Machine is listing features mp3 downloads of the songs free of charge. Now I'm not advocating downloading copyrighted music with out paying for it but that option is there and I will leave that up to your own moral judgement.

On a added note I just added this cool new widget on the left side sidebar of my blog. It's a widget from The Hype Machine that displays the top ten most popular tracks on Hype Machine. GO ahead scroll down and check it out!

The Hype Machine

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