Monday, October 22

CMJ Music Marathon NYC

Last week was the CMJ music marathon here in NYC. My girlfriend and I were lucky enough to score some free passes to it, since one of our friends is the marketing director for the event. The CMJ music marathon was 5 days of, yep you guessed it music. It's similar to the South by Southwest music event in Austin, Texas and the North by Northeast event in Toronto. Essentially the vast majority of music acts that are featured in the festival are unsigned bands trying to get signed to a record label or it's a band that's already signed but is just trying to get more recognition. Peppered throughout these unknown or barely known bands are a few bigger named bands that also play during the event.
Now if going to see live music isn't really your thing, which if that's the case I'm sorry to hear that since it's one of the few things that keeps me young at heart. There are other things to do and experience during the week long event. The most notable of these is movie premieres/screenings with a Q & A session afterwards with the director.
So, hopefully in the next week or so I'll find the time to post some of my reviews and recounts of some of the things I heard, the things I saw and the things I did. So please stay tuned.
One more thing, if your wondering what CMJ stands for, your not alone. I was in the dark about it too, so I came up with some of my own ideas that ranged from the very catchy Christian Music Jamboree to the plainly obvious College Music Jam. Finally I had to ask my friend who had gotten me the passes what CMJ exactly stands for. As it turns out it stands for College Music Journal. Well if you ask me that just doesn't have the same ring as Christian Music Jamboree but what do I know I'm not a marketing director.
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