Monday, October 15

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sex in the City

The other day, when I was walking to work I noticed that they were filming the new Sex in the City movie on my work block. Well it wasn't too hard to notice because they had the whole road closed off on the south side of Bryant Park. There were also throngs of people jamming up the sidewalk because everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of Sarah Jessica Parker or SJP for short. Below you will see a very blurry photo of her. It was taken moments before a rather large movie security officer blotted out the sun and told me to leave the premises immediately. I also "accidentally " positioned myself in the backround for a few of the scenes so hopefully I'll make the cut and not be on the editing room floor.
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nursemyra said...

did you just publish a 'spoiler'?

msquared said...

no I didn't publish a spoiler. Well at least I don't think I did.