Friday, October 12

Mitt Romney on Medical Marijuana

It's political season here in the good ole US of A and with the primaries up and running there's bound to be a bunch of good stuff that I can not only waste my time with but waste your time with too. The following clip is of Massachusetts Republican Mitt Romney being asked a question regarding Medical Marijuana from a guy in a wheelchair suffering from MS. He asks Mitt if he would have him and his doctors arrested for using medical marijuana. Essentially Mitt sidesteps the question with some vague political speak and turns his back on the guy to greet other people with his fake plastic smile. What a douche bag. You know I would almost have more respect(if that's possible) for Mitt and other politicians if they were just more up front with their views. If they said what they really felt instead of using political speak and general round about answers to questions. Yet in this day and time in our country you can't do that and still get elected.

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bryrule said...

A - he is not from MASS
B - he sucks
C - he is a mo mo
D - looks like he runs away from tough questions, thats the kind of guy we want running the country, right?

msquared said...


A-Not sure what you mean by he's not from MASS, since he was the former Governor there.
Just check out:

B - Yes he does suck.
C - Yes he is a mo mo a real big mo mo.
D - I think the majority of politicians run away from tough questions because unfortunetly they can' tgive straight answers because they don't want to piss off one part of their constituency. So thats why they are so general in their answers or just straight up run away from them

E - I would have more respect for the guy if he just said yes I would throw you and your doctors in jail if you broke the law.

bry said...

He was not born in Mass, his father was the gov of Michigan when he was born. He was the gov of mass, but was not born here.

msquared said...

Bry you're kind of splitting hairs a bit.

and besides what do you care your not from Mass either :P