Tuesday, July 3

665, the number of Santa?

Just the other day I stumbled upon some interesting trivia concerning one of my favorite bands from the 90's, Soundgarden. It had to do with their first full length studio album Ultramega OK. On that album are 2 songs that are titled 665 and 667. They named those two songs with those numbers as a joke, they thought that the idea of heavy metal being obsessed with black magic and satan was hilarious. So figuring that 666 is the number of the beast, that 665 and 667 must encompass something satanic also.

The song 665 is actually a parody of music tracks containing so called hidden messages from Satan if played backwards. When you play this song in reverse, you can hear Chris Cornell screaming such things as "Santa is my King" and "I need you Santa baby" and other things. Take a listen to it but be warned listening to the following may cause you to do evil things, like put candy canes in people's socks.

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