Monday, July 9

Free Blockbuster Rental

We all like getting free stuff, hell sometimes even if I don't like what it is I just take it because it's free. I think that might be because I have some undiagnosed medical condition, but that's a topic for another blog. Anyway, the other day while stumbling around on the internet I found this hack you can do in order to get a free Blockbuster Rental. All you have to do is go to and type in this code:


A word of note in order for this to work you do need a My Coke Rewards account, but it's free to get if you don't already have one. So if you like movies and enjoy getting free things give this a try.

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Anonymous said...

it doesn't work... it's too long to enter
-pls tell how to make it work

msquared said...

To anyonymous: This blog post is over 3 yrs old I don't think this will work anymore just to let everyone know that.