Monday, July 2

Color Me Kubrick
(2005, Brian W. Cook)

Color Me Kubrick is the truish story of an Englisman named, Alan Conway. Mr. Conway, during the mid-90's was a con man who would go around telling people that he was the reclusive world famous director Stanley Kubrick. The funny thing about this story is that Mr. Conway was openly gay and bore no physical resemblance to Stanley Kubrick nor did he know a great deal about his films.

This film follows Mr. Conway around on a number of adventures where he impersonates Mr. Kubrick, from the time he told a heavy metal band that he was going to make them famous to when he was going to produce a Las Vegas show for a closeted gay musical comic. This film was alright, not outstanding the only reason I would tell someone to see it would be to watch John Malkovich in the lead role. He plays Alan Conway and is just simply amazing to watch. His campy over the top performance hilarious and is comedic genius.

Color Me Kubrick @ imdb
Official Color Me Kubrick site which features a trailer of the movie.

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