Friday, August 31

A&P sues 2 kids for $1 million dollars,
over YouTube video!

Yes, you did read that right! I found out about this story over at Annie Atomic v2. A&P grocery store is sueing two former employees/college kids for $1 million dollars in damages due to a video they posted on YouTube. The video is a gangsta rap spoof incorporating vegetables as props and subject matter, since the duo, who go by the name of Fresh Beets, worked in the produce dept of the grocery store. The duo filmed the 4:15 minute video at their place of employment yet during hours when they weren't on the clock. After about a week of the video being on YouTube there was one complaint lodged to the corporate headquaters of A&P. The duo was suspended from their job and then a week after that were formally fired. Which in my opinion is a justified response by management due to the fact that it was filmed at their place of work, now whether if I would of fired them or just given them a stern warning and the silent treatment had I been their boss is debatable.

One would think that them getting fired would be enough of a punishment. Yet in someone's infinite wisdom over at A&P corporate headquaters, they have decided to file a $1 million dollar lawsuit against the recently fired rappin duo. Can someone explain to me why would a large corporation file such a claim against two college kids who have just been fired from their $10 an hour job(if that)? Do they plan on setting up a payment plan if they win the case? You would think that there would be someone smart enough at A&P to realize that if they just simply fired the two boys, ignored the video and left it at that that that would be the end of it. Yet by filing this lawsuit they are just giving the video more exposure and giving themselves some very bad press. What do they believe they will gain from this besides making themselves look like a big bad corporate entity?

Well the two upstart rappin filmmakers have a website/blog where they keep everyone updated on the goings on in regards to the video and lawsuit. There is also a link on the site where you can send comlaints to A&P. So far over 600 people have sent in complaints from the site, to A&P in regards to the outlandish lawsuit.

Here are links to their website:, myspace page and last but not least my I present the actual video that has caused such a response.

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