Sunday, August 5

The Noisettes

This indie rock band from London, The Noisettes often get compared to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, mostly because it's two guys with an outrageously talented women for a singer. Yet if The Noisettes had been around before the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, it would be the latter being compared to the former. Their sound has often been described as punk rock soul and I would have to agree after having listened to front woman Shingai Shoniwa sing with her distinctive soulful punk rock swagger. Shingai who also plays the bass is backed by guitarist Dan Smith and drummer Jamie Morrison. The Noisettes are widely popular in their hometown London and hopefully they'll hit it big here in the States. So with out blabbering on anymore with my lame ass reviewing writing style, why don't you give them a listen.

Here's a live acoustic version of their song IWE.

The Noisettes: Scratch my Name and Bridge to Canada
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