Friday, January 11

One (Metallica Cover)

To make a long story short Apocalyptica are classically trained musicians who play cellos. They started out playing all cover songs most specifically Metallica songs but have since moved on to playing and recording original music. The video below, is of them playing the Metallica song "One". I just love how they all bang their heads even though they're playing cellos(heavy metal is heavy metal no matter what's it played on I guess). A funny thing will happen as you watch this video you'll slowly but most assuredly start head banging along to the music.

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nursemyra said...

an australian band of classically trained string musicians do the same thing wonderfully well also.

they're called Fourplay

Meany said...


Why you trying to steal MSQUAREDs thunder.

msquared said...

hey play nice Meany

Meany said...

WARNING: Does not play well with others.