Saturday, January 19


So I found this video in a odd kind of way. I was originally searching for a video of Old Dirty Bastard's Baby I Like it Raw, and off to the side I saw a Buckethead video. Now I've always have heard of this guy but have never listened to his music. Actually that's a lie, it just so happens that in 1992 he was one of the founding members of the band Praxis, which as it turns out I have one of their albums on cassette(you know that ancient way that music was once sold and distributed on). So that whole time I never realized that that was Buckethead. Now for a guy who wears a Michael Myer's mask and a fried chicken bucket on his head he sure can play the guitar. His music ranges from avant garde jazz to speed metal. Just watch and listen to this video. When I heard it I was just simply blown away.

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nursemyra said...

must be a guy thing. the mask and bucket just don't do it for me