Thursday, January 17

The Brian Bell Experience

The Brian Bell Experience is a pretty cool blog worth checking out. It's written by, as one would guess it Brian, who lives in Brooklyn and works at the NYPL. His blog has a cool mixture of things, from personal exploits, funny random videos, art related posts, music and movie reviews. The posts are nicely written and feature many cool links that just add a certain depth to the particular subject he is writing about that day.

I have to admit that his blog is what I had originally thought and wanted my blog to be like when I first ventured into doing this blogging business, but sadly I think I've failed at that. My blog has unfortunately turned into a mix mash of unfocused material with piss poor writing and grammar. I often wondered if I delved a bit more into my personal life much like Brian has done, on The Brian Bell Experience, if my blog would be better. Although at times I have done a few personal related posts, I still feel a bit strange and uncomfortable about writing and relating subjects to my personal life within my blog. Who knows if something that I write down today will come back to haunt me years from now? Hell even in my real life I don't feel comfortable talking about personal matters with people, but that's a whole other issue. Anyway I guess the point I'm trying to make is would my blog be more interesting and better if I added more of a personal touch to it by infusing it with some of my experiences and doings in the world?

Well it seems I got a bit off topic here, like I was saying go check out The Brian Bell Experience it's a pretty cool blog.

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nursemyra said...

I don't think it pays to compare blogs. we all write differently and pursue different passions.

sometimes personal stuff just gets in the way. and if you're not comfortable it will probably show in your writing.

how about some more Thomas?

msquared said...

Good point,

I think I've creatively drained the well on Tomas and ideas for him have been few and far between. Hopefully I'll get back to him at some point. Glad you liked Tomas though.

nursemyra said...

oops sorry I misspelt his name

msquared said...

oh don't worry that happens all them time.